Sweet treats!

Alhamdulillah K goes to morning Qur'an class during week - its a small group, with the other girls attending being Abu K's friends daughters. This morning at breakfast Abu K told me one of the girls gave K a piece of tissue paper, which she "delicately" opened in the car to find some flower petals inside.
To return the gesture, this afternoon we made some small sweet treats to give to the girls tomorrow inshallah, filled with a couple of Lolly's and sequins.

So simple, quick, easy and my favourite word....cheap! :) I think I know what friends and family will be receiving this E'id inshallah! :)

On the back, K decorated marking the little "stitch" lines and signing her name - She tried to write a little fancy!

To make, all you need is:
  • card
  • cellophane bags (plastic bags for card making -you can get these from ebay or craft stores - I think "The works" sells them. )
  • Glue
  • decorations
  • sweet treats!
  • sequins (optional)
  • scissors
  • fine liner pen
I'm sure its pretty self-explanatory what to do, just by seeing the pictures....but just in case here's some simple instructions....
  1. Measure the width of the cellophane bag and cut a strip of card slightly wider, with a depth of about 4-ish inches (you decide what looks best!).
  2. Fold card in half across the length (you will stick the bag inside the fold)
  3. decorate your card
  4. add sweet treats and (optional) sequins
  5. Seal bag (I just folded mine over a little to shorten as the bag was too long)
  6. Apply strong glue or double sided tape on the insides of the card to then hold the bag


  1. Awww they are brill and personal xxx

  2. Thanks Mum! ....well you know what the kids will be getting Nana next time we come up! ....I'll suggest they put something a little more grown up in your bag though! :)



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