Free weekly planner printable for home or school!

free weekly planner printable

I'm going abit organiser crazy this week as I prepare for starting "school" next week inshaAllah following our long break!

I'm putting together a complete Home Organising Binder inshaAllah which will be jam packed full of helpful tools to organise both home and homeschool inshaAllah, as I am tired of always feeling I have a million things to do and just never know where to start!

As a freebie, I'm uploading the weekly planner sample, which has space to write whatever category you need on the side tabs! This can be used to help you organise and manage your home or home-school / lesson planning....whatever you need it for as it is completely blank ready for you to fill in!

free weekly planner printable
To download a copy just click on the high-lighted text below inshaAllah....

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Saum in Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars mobile

I had been planning to make available a Ramadan bulletin board, however we didn't get it completed before the start of Ramadan, so the kids and I will be working on it throughout the month inshaAllah.
Bi'ithnillah it will be available to download next year!!!
However, in the mean time, I thought I'd share some small elements which could be used by themselves.
Today, I have uploaded this activity which can be used to make a hanging mobile, or stuck onto a nice piece of coloured paper and made into a poster....or however you like!

To download click on the high-lighted text below inshaAllah.....
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