Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Phonics reader for Muslim children!

I've been wanting to make some non-fiction reading books for the children for a long time. My 6 year old is still developing her early reading skills, and so to give her an alternative to the typical phonics story books, I've quickly put together this Islamic reader as a little experiment!
If successful I'd like to make more inshaAllah!

The long vowel sounds used are all coloured red to help recognition and develop reading confidence!

Please do have a look and let me know what you think bi'ithnillah, your feedback and comments would be hugely appreciated!

You can download and view / print the PDF by clicking the high lighted text below:
{Allah made everything phonics reader PDF}

Or, if you have a kindle fire or ipad (I'm not sure about other tablet devices??) then you can view over on scribd and read just like a real e-book inshaAllah! (you can also view Scribd e-books on your pc.....but if you have a tablet device its just like viewing a real electronic book!)
Just click on the high-lighted text below:
{Allah made everything phonics reader Scribd}

If you prefer the text to be solid black rather than the long vowels high-lighted as above, here is a second edition available as both a PDF and to view on Scribd:

{Allah made Everything phonics reader black text PDF}

{Allah made Everything phonics reader black text Scribd}


  1. Masya Allah. Jazakallahu khaira for the great idea and lovely book!

    1. Wa'iyyaki. Alhamdulillah all good is from Allah!

  2. MashAllah. ....great work..keep it up...we really need such things for our kids .

  3. My daughter loves it! It's very beautiful, baarakallaahu feek

  4. Really appreciate this little story book! Jazakillahi khair..

  5. we love it,jzaakAllahukhairn..ummammaar

  6. Great work! Do you have other version of phonics reading?

  7. Great work MashaAllah! May Allah Ta'ala qubool it

  8. Seriously, excellent. I don't know why such readers are not readily available for purchase. It combines learning a necessary skill, with learning about deen. Two in one!

  9. barakAllahu feeki...its exactly what i am looking for!!...alhamdullilah

  10. Masha'a Llah, it's very good made, we need more like that! A suggestion: maybe it can be done without colours, so it's easy to print (less expensive..) and the children can also color by themselves. Baraka Llahu fik
    Umm Hamid

    1. JazakAllahu khayran Umm Hamid that's an idea I will certainly keep inshaAllah! I am looking at producing more children's readers so I will definitely consider your suggestion in the design bi'ithnillah.


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