Reader question: When a child asks about school and finding friends their age.

Home School FAQs. Socialisation and asking about school. Reader questions over at a Muslim Home School
It's funny, when people think of home education what often tends to come to mind first is socialisation and peers.
And then when we think of main stream school, we think exactly the opposite; finding both teachers and parents alike telling the kids they are at to school to learn not to socialise. Go figure!

This months reader question asks about socialisation and kids asking about school.

You can ask your homeschool questions through the contact page, Facebook,  or Instagram and help build a list of Home School FAQ's which I hope will benefit our community bi'ithnillah. 

I want to apologise in advance for the text in this is a little all over the place with changing sizes and fonts....I don't know what happened but I can not figure out how to adjust it to follow the default font settings - and I have tried everything I know!
Please forgive the erraticness!
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