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All my resources are for personal / non-commercial use only.
Downloading any material on this site you agree to:

  • Not sell any of my printables or articles; whether they are free resources I have uploaded or resources you have paid for.
    This includes the prohibition of selling content in either digital or printed formats.
  • Not share or distribute any of my uploaded files, whether that be through Watsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Email or any other platform (instead you are welcome to share and forward the original blog link from amuslimhomeschool.com where others can find the same resources)
  • Not host any of my files or content on your own websites or file sharing sites.
  • Not edit any of my resources or articles
  • Not remove any of my copyrights or logos.
  • Not add your own copyrights, logos.
  • Not edit any resources to translate into other languages
Violation of any of these terms is not permitted.

It has come to my attention people are taking my work and either hosting them on their own websites, or even editing them to remove my copyrights and logos, and in some cases add their own logos and even sold!


Sharing on the blog is something I enjoy doing, whether it is a free printable or a musing about home education and family. I love being able to support our community, because in doing so, helping my sisters helps to motivate and inspire me too Alhamdulillah.

When I am genuinely excited about something we use, I like to share it with you. I figured offering affiliate links (which adds no extra cost to you whatsoever) is a way to help my family and I just a little through this home schooling journey.

All that means is when you click through one of my links and make a purchase, I am given a small percentage of that sale.... and like I said, it costs you absolutely nothing.
Whenever you buy through any of my affiliate links, I am hugely grateful and appreciative of your support.

I want to make clear, I don't share links to anything I haven't used myself. All affiliate links I post are genuine recommendations at the time of writing, and my honest opinion will be given on all products used.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

1 comment:

  1. Salam,
    One of my teachers at our Sunday school email me a Quran log where kids track their Quran memorization progress.
    If it is not ok to use, please let me know.


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