Arabic detached pronouns poster book

free Arabic detached personal pronouns poster book.
A simple poster booklet showing the Arabic detached pronouns.
I have avoided using the words "plural" and "dual" in the posters, instead choosing simpler language which will be clearer to younger children inshallah.

View it on your mobile or tablet device via Scribd to read as a digital book, or download and print at home to produce your own booklet, posters or flashcards.

Self belief: What voice does your child hear?

Self belief: What inner voice does you child hear?

Do you ever listen to your inner voice? Do you even notice its there? You are not sure? Tell me, do you have a self perception of capability and confidence, or a self perception of haphazardness and not good enough? Do you know you can rise to a challenge, or do you know you will fail so what's the point in even trying?
That's the silent whisper I am talking about. The silent self belief of who we are and what we can do, whether that be positive or negative.

Here is something a little deeper to think about. What is your child's inner voice? What is their self perception? What silent whisper do they have which is developing their awareness and belief of their own capabilities?
 Here is the frightening answer...

Its not working doesn't mean you are failing

Its okay to change your home school
In about 2 months time, I will have been "officially" home schooling for 5 years Alhamdulillah! I can still remember the very first day I sat with my eldest to "do school", absolutely clueless of what to do or where to start!
We sat at the kitchen table, deciding to make a giant poster to show the numbers up to that we would have something to show we had "done" something that day! ....we had to show we had done something, whether or not she could actually count right!?

Oh those days of naivety....I almost miss them! Like a tiny dry seed buried under the soil, not knowing when the rain will come, not knowing when it will start to grow.
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