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Here you will find various learning and home schooling resources, including printables, support and advice. 

Whether you are looking for help in getting started with homeschool, fun printables for the kids, or just some inspiration, we hope you will find something to benefit from inshaAllah.

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  1. This is a very good initiative. I see you as a mentor. Can't wait to continue a journey with you sis

  2. This is a very good initiative. I see you as a mentor. Can't wait to continue a journey with you sis

  3. Jazaki Allah Kheir sister,
    Thank you for these wonderful workbooks and free materials.
    I am genuinely grateful as it's hard to find quality materials for free!
    Thanks again!

  4. Assalammu'alaikum. Hi, I'm Selvi from Indonesia. I want to thank you because your site is really helping me to find islamic resources for my homeschooler sons. May Allah always protect you and your family.

  5. Alhamdulillah some thing very beautiful i came across. May Allah swt guide and help you even more.i need a help i m not being able to open the Usooluth Thalaathah for kids page

  6. Excellent work sister! This is the quality that I was looking for. You are doing a phenomenal job for the Muslim community! Thumbs up!!

  7. meenahome18@gmail.com22 November 2018 at 03:03

    Aa sis,
    Thank you this is exactly what I needed for support and guidance.
    Your resources are Fabulous.


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