Ar Razzaq - "Allah Provides us" mini poster

Everything we have is provided for us by Allah.
The purpose of these spider chart posters is to allow children to think about this and understand inshallah that Allah is Ar-Razzaq and everything we have is from Him. 

2 charts, the first for older children to write and draw pictures of what Allah provides us with, the second for younger children to colour.

Download HERE!

Download HERE!

Corner bookmarks...

Tired of the same old standard rectangular bookmarks? Try a making one that fits on the corner of the page!

They are very easy to make, and if you take a look on google images, you will find plenty of design ideas you can try.

Today the girls with some friends made some sparkly ones using sequins.

All you need to make the base is an envelope, card and chosen materials to decorate....

Take an envelope and cut off the corners (1 envelope will make 2 bookmarks)

To give strength to the envelope corner, trace and cut some coloured card to stick onto both sides.

Now you'll have a strong corner pocket and you are ready to decorate!

Some of the kids designs

Just slide onto the page corner to keep it marked!

Morning and Evening supplications mini book!

From Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim), the chapter of "Remembrance said in the morning and evening" in one easy to read format, with blown up larger text, great for children and adults of all ages!
Each supplication is on one page, making it easier to focus and seem less daunting for less confident readers inshallah, and handy to help the family memorise the recommended adhkar bi'ithnillah.

To make it long lasting, laminate the pages for durability inshallah!

Can be downloaded inshallah HERE!
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