Learning Arabic past tense verb conjugations with games

Learning the Arabic past tense verb conjugations with free printable game
Make learning the Arabic past tense verb conjugation more fun with this free printable!

Match the basketballs with their hoops to help memorise this system insha'Allah. You can play by yourself, or with others. Set the timer to beat the clock or turn the cards upside down to play memory snap.

Naming Nouns... a free Lapbook

Nouns Lapbook - learn all about common, proper, collective, abstract and concrete
Whether you are looking for something to teach nouns from scratch or do a little review, this lapbook is just the ticket and will take you through common, proper, collective, concrete and abstract nouns all in one place.

Getting to grips with Atoms and Elements - a free lapbook folder

Free to download and print, interactive lapbook folder all about Atoms and Elements

If you are looking for a simple introduction to what science teaches about Atoms and Elements, you might like this folder printable, which can be made into a lapbook or put into your interactive notebooks.

Before I continue, I just want to interject with a sort of disclaimer here .... much of science is based on theory, not always proven facts.
And so when teaching our children different branches of scientific knowledge for their academic school studies, it's important to explain this to them, especially when scientific thought contradicts or opposes the Qur'an and Sunnah.

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