Getting to grips with Atoms and Elements - a free lapbook folder

Free to download and print, interactive lapbook folder all about Atoms and Elements

If you are looking for a simple introduction to what science teaches about Atoms and Elements, you might like this folder printable, which can be made into a lapbook or put into your interactive notebooks.

Before I continue, I just want to interject with a sort of disclaimer here .... much of science is based on theory, not always proven facts.
And so when teaching our children different branches of scientific knowledge for their academic school studies, it's important to explain this to them, especially when scientific thought contradicts or opposes the Qur'an and Sunnah.

Now to the folder....I don't have a good camera, so as much as I tried getting good shots of our completed folders, it wasn't happening. So instead, we've uploaded a video going through the folder to demonstrate how we've put it all together.

We used 2 A3 sheets of card folded into one another, and at the end the kids created their own poster to show what they had learnt.
I've included a snap because although it's not clear, it gives you an idea of how my different age children finished their poster sheet after completing their folders.
Kids posters all about Atoms and Elements
There is lots of information available online to help complete this study, including BBC Bitesize. The pages we used included:

Atoms and Elements

We also viewed this video from Ted Ed which gives a tangible idea of the size of atoms.

And the books we used to help us:

A beginner's guide to the Periodic Table
I found this to be a nice simple introduction to atoms and elements. We'll be using this for our next folder project where we will look at the Periodic Table in detail inshaAllah.
A simple introduction to the Periodic table, Atoms and Elements for kids

Molecule Mayhem!
This is an awesome pop-up book for introducing chemistry to kids (and adults like me!). It is simply explained and the pop-ups make understanding complex theories seem quite simple.
Awesome pop-up book for kids, teaching all about Atoms, Molecules and Elements

The Elements
This book is great to be able to see examples of every Element through photographs, demonstrating what each is often used for.
A photographic look at the Elements and their uses

KS3 Science CGP
This I used to give me an idea of what is covered at KS3 level, so I knew better how the children might be expected to answer questions.

Download the What are Atoms and Elements folder (click on the high-lighted text), and use as a lapbook, folder as we have, or put into an interactive notebook.

Our next folder will take a look at the Periodic Table inshaAllah, and will upload once ready bi'ithnillah.

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Atoms and Elements - a Free printable lapbook folder or use with interactive note-books


  1. AoA. Just want to know if the above mentioned books are available in Pakistan.
    Z Hashmi

    1. Wa'alaikum Asalaam wa rahmatullah,

      I don't know ukhti. Sorry I can not advise.

  2. Thank you so much for these resources!


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