How to homeschool your preschooler: your questions answered with a free ebook

how to homeschool muslim preschool

Following my last post on how to homeschool a two year old, I said I'd answer some of your questions that were sent to me through Instagram, relating to home-schooling your preschool aged child. I've gone ahead and converted my answers into a free pdf ebook to make it super easy to pick up and flick through.

Much of my advice stems off the principle that pre-schoolers pretty much don't need homeschooling any more than a preschooler needs school. What they do need parenting. 

They need you dear Mama, not a homeschool teacher. 

How to start homeschooling a 2 year old

How to start homeschooling a 2 year old - advice from a Muslim Homeschool

One of the most common questions I receive, is asking how to homeschool a two year old. I don't know why age two seems to bring about so many questions, but it does because so many of you ask me about yours!

Rather than constantly rewriting the same suggestions in a briefly summarised Instagram or Facebook message, touch-typed through my mobile phone, I figured it would be useful to have a post ready-to-go answering this question.

Learning Arabic with kids (plus list of online resources)

Learning Arabic with kids. includes a list of online free arabic learning resources

For non-Arabic speakers, building up Arabic vocabulary with our children is something which may feel unnatural to begin with as new words and phrases are introduced. But with practice and use, they will soon roll off our tongues without any thought inshaAllah.

It simply takes time, practice, patience and the belief that growing our language skills will one day pay off and will become second nature bi'ithnillah. 

People learn second languages all the time. The difficulty we have in the West when learning Arabic, is we are not often in situations where we are forced to speak it, so we don't. We're learning to understand and speak Arabic in a non-Arabic speaking country so its too easy to stay within our comfort zones and not try...even when we meet an Arabic speaking sister at the masjid. 

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