Tawheed project for kids...with parents lesson guide!

Tawheed for kids printable worksheet folder with lesson plan

Calling all home schoolers, parents and teachers....here is an easy mini project you can work on this summer with the kids.....learning all about the three categories of Tawheed (and did I tell you, it includes a suggested lesson guide).

You can choose to make a file folder, or use the sheets as regular note-book pages...we went for the file folder; which is made using a folded A3 sheet of card to create a booklet folder to stick each sheet.

What is Tawheed? printable worksheet folder for kids and home school

This mini project consists of four worksheet pages, designed around the first chapter of The Islamic Creed for children by Shiekh Khalid 'Uthmaan, published by Troid; although any good book on Tawheed can be used.

I selected this particular book, because it offers simple yet concise explanations which lend itself well to copywork.

I'm actually hoping to work our way through this book throughout the year inshaAllah, using each chapter to create some kind of project or craft activity. This is our first chapter complete! 
So please do watch this space for new projects over the year bi'ithnillah.

Each day, we'd begin reading, and discussing the relevant paragraph before copying out the text onto the worksheet. 
As I said, the explanations are short and concise, so I decided copywork would be most appropriate rather than asking them to write in their own words. 
The fifth and final lesson, I asked the girls to use what they had learnt throughout the week, to create a fun poster demonstrating their knowledge and understanding; so thats where they had the opportunity to use their own writing. 

Tawheed for kids with lesson plan guide

I'd originally intended to just upload the file and leave it up to parents to use as they choose, however I realise that there are some who would like suggestions to go with the lesson. 

And so I've put together a small guide, based on how we used the material and taught the lesson. 

Tawheed for kids lesson plan

Just click on the high lighted text below to download: 

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  1. Assalamualikum. I love this! i recently got my copy of the book and my non-creative brain couldnt function with the short text in the book. You have nailed it masha'Allah. Are you going to add activities for rest of the chapters?


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