Preparing Your Parenting For Ramadan Workshop

Parenting in Ramadan workshop
We often approach Ramadan having high aspirations of what we'll achieve with our family during this time; excited to share our anticipation before welcoming the sighting of the new moon. 
It isn't long however before reality hits us when overwhelm, burnout and frustration show up, as we face the challenges that come with parenting and educating children while fasting. And that's when feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy rain down upon our shoulders, thinking we've taken on more than we could chew.

I often hear from mothers who feel inadequate because they find it difficult to manage their frustration and patience. They find it difficult to maintain energy while fasting. They find it difficult keeping up momentum and motivation. They have high aspirations, wanting to achieve amazing things with their family, and beat themselves up when feeling they fall short. 

We don't often talk about the everyday struggles of parenting during Ramadan because we focus on its benefits. And because we don't talk about the struggles, it leaves many of us with those feelings of inadequacy when we feel we don't live up to what we hoped we would, thinking no one else shares the same difficulties we face. 

What I want to do through this workshop, is share with you how you can prepare yourself to manage the everyday parenting and educating of your children through Ramadan, insha’Allah. To help you discover what is important for you and your family so you can focus on those things. And to give you some simple strategies to help when you feel overwhelm and fatigue creeping in and prodding at your patience. 

Interactive Workshop 

Being a parent is the most rewarding as well as the most important job you'll ever do in your life. It is also the most challenging. In this interactive 2 hour workshop, you will receive practical steps to aid your parenting confidence so you can prepare to make this Ramadan a productive and enjoyable experience with your children.

Together, we will explore through mentorship and a little coaching:
  • What really matters to you 
  • What really matters for your  family
  • Uncover what you want to walk away from Ramadan with, insha'Allah 
  • Discover the mother you want to be so you can show up as that
  • Prepare a battleplan to overcome challenges and struggles
  • How to manage your expectations
  • Adapting routines 
  • Learn to take control of your emotions and reactions 
  • Learn to manage the stress that brings frustration and impatience along with the triggers that cause them
  • Finding motivation
  • Keeping children busy
  • Create your action plan

By the end of this workshop you will insha'Allah...
  • Be clear on your Ramadan vision for yourself and family
  • Develop your confidence as a mother
  • Have an action plan to overcome whatever struggles you may face
  • Have a strategy to manage your emotions and maintain a positive state of proactiveness, instead of reactiveness
  • Be your child's best supporter and ally through Ramadan
Ramadan homeschool

You will receive:

  • Live workshop
    A 2-hour live session
  • Recorded replay
    The replay will be available within an hour of the live workshop ending, insha'Allah. Zoom is not required for this.
  • Workbook PDF
    To benefit from the workshop, you have to take action. The workbook will help you do that, offering guidance together with some coaching exercises to put everything into practice, insha'Allah. It also provides detailed class notes so you don't have to worry about missing anything important during our time together.
  • Temporary Community Facebook group 
    They say it takes a village to raise a child. This temporary group will be that village for you to offer a little added support and motivation when you need it.
    If after attending the workshop you run into difficulties, you can jump into our members-only group to get help troubleshooting your challenge and benefit from responses offered to others seeking help for theirs too. It will offer community so you know you're not alone and certainly I will be there to be your biggest cheerleader and offer guidance if it is needed. 
    It will be open from April 5th 2021, until E'id ul Fitr.

Parenting workshop for muslim mums

I have some questions

When is the workshop?
Wednesday 7th April 10:30 am BST (UK time) and the recorded replay available shortly after

Where is the workshop?
The live session is on Zoom. The recorded replay will be viewed in our own private members-only portal. 

What is the workshop fee?
The cost is just £20 inclusive of the workbook material and after-support care on Facebook. 

Can men join?
The workshop is strictly for women only. By signing up you confirm that you are female and will attend the workshop (whether live or recorded) where men can not hear, or to use headphones.

I don't have Facebook
You won't need Facebook to attend the workshop or access the materials. However, if you would like to benefit from the temporary after-workshop community support offered, you will require a Facebook account so you might want to consider opening an account solely for the purpose of accessing this. 

Can I share my workshop access?
Tickets are for one participant only. It is not permitted to share or sell your access or materials with others.

Will I receive any physical materials?
You will not receive any physical products. The workbook is a PDF and the workshop replay is streamed digitally online. 

I don't homeschool, will I benefit from this workshop?
Yes! The main theme to the workshop is setting up mums to feel in control and manage all the emotions that come with having children home. I won't be able to help with school-specific problems (this is beyond the area of my expertise) but certainly, supporting you with the everyday challenges of raising children once they are back home is where you will benefit. If you want help with that, along with preparing to keep children distracted and busy outside of school, this workshop will do that for you, insha'Allah. 

Are you teaching Islam in this workshop?
I am not a student of knowledge so I will not be teaching about Ramadan as a topic Rather, the workshop is around preparing you as a mother for the practical aspects of parenting children and managing your emotions and energy during this time.

I'm ready! Sign me up!

To jump in with a tribe of like-minded women ready to uncover what your homeschool needs to make this Ramadan a productive and enjoyable experience >>sign up on the workshop page here<<

Please remember to save the email and password you use to join as you will need to enter the portal to access the workshop links and materials. 

See you on the inside!
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