Discovering right brain learning part 2: what is the difference between left and right brainers?

whats the difference between left and right brain learners?
Our brain is divided into 2 distinct halves. Each side being responsible for an array of different task which effect how our bodies move, how we think and feel and even how we learn.
The brain is criss-crossed to our body, with the right hemisphere controlling our body's left side, and the left hemisphere controlling the right.
So if you pick up your left hand to scratch your face; that's your right side of the brain working, and vice-versa.
Here, I want to look at how the different hemispheres effect the way we learn, to help understand how to better the way in which I'm facilitating my children's education inshaAllah.

Discovering right brain learning Part 1: Our story starts here

a mini series of blog posts exploring the differences between left and right brain  function and the impact that has on how children learn

This is the first in a series of posts about the learning differences between left and right-brained children (well and adults...we all have a brain!).
Most of us, so I am told, live in a "left brain world"....however, there are some who are in fact right-brainers.
But what does this exactly mean, and why am I writing about it?
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