Number squares 1 - 1000 with less than / more than tool!

number sqaures 1 -1000 interactive maths note book
Last week we reviewed number sequence, completing a set of number squares from 1-1000 and made a number finder to use with them to help identify patterns of 1 more / 1 less and 10 more / 10 less.
number sqaures more than / less than number finderThe number finder is simply printed onto card with little flaps cut into it, which allow you to lift up and see 1 and 10 more or less of the selected number in the middle.

Its a great aid to those just learning to identify number patterns and sequence, or those who struggle and need a little help to boost their confidence.

We printed our number squares onto coloured card and then filled in each 100 set over a few days.

I put together a small pocket to store them altogether in our interactive maths note book.
This will allow them to be grabbed when needed inshaAllah.
mumber squares 1 - 1000 interactive maths note bookI'm planning a post about interactive note-books soon inshaAllah, as we have been using them for the past 4 weeks in our Maths and Grammar studies; finding them most helpful Alhamdulillah!

To download these number squares and the number finder tool, just click on the high-lighted text below inshaAllah:
{Number squares 1 - 1000 with number finder tool}

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Printable Place Value Houses with mini white board!

Place Value Houses interactive math note book
Making your own resources is way cheaper and I think far more likely to be used by both you as a parent / teacher and your student, because it was made with love!
I was looking online to find something to help my kiddos understand place value as well as be able to read off huge numbers. (something I have to admit I myself struggled doing until I made head hangs in shame!)

I had a rough idea that I wanted to incorporate the house idea to teach the place value concept (you know, every value has its own "house" where it lives and doesn't move) but I also wanted something which could be actively used to help with their maths learning.
That's where the idea came to add laminated white paper to make a dry-erase space / tiny white-board Alhamdulillah!
This dry-erase area allows you to be able to write in any number from 1 to 999million as many times as you need. It makes it clear to see what value each digit represents and makes it easier to practice how to say the bigger numbers where it can get quite confusing!
Place Value Houses interactive math note book
The great thing is, you can fold the houses back to just show a particular "house" - so when just starting out learning place value, typically children begin with the hundreds, tens and ones. - so you don't have to use or show the whole "street" at once!
To assemble this resource all you do once printed is cut out the houses and glue together to form your street. Laminate the mini white board template (included in the file) and cut out before sticking in place on your houses.
That's it!
Place Value Houses interactive math note book
We stored it inside a pocket in our interactive maths note book alongside a small cut and stick worksheet I used to re-introduce place value before we had made this.
Both the worksheet and place value foldable can be downloaded by clicking the high-lighted texts below bi'ithnillah:

Arabic Alphabet lapbook 5 of 5!

arabic alphabet lapbook, arabic worksheets
The last five weeks have flown by subhanAllah! Here we have the final instalment of our Arabic alphabet lapbook series!

This lapbook covers the remaining 4 letters (rather than 6 like the previous lapbooks), so included is a small mini book with the full alphabet to allow your student to read their letters altogether on completion bi'ithnilllah!

To download please click on the highlighted text below bi'ithnillah:
{Arabic alphabet lapbook 5}

If you missed the previous lapbooks, you will find them all under the Arabic Label on the side bar running along the right inshaAllah.
And if you want to see what a completed lapbook looks like, please check out the first original post where I've included pictures!

Happy Lapbooking! (smile!)

How Pinterest can be of use to you

how to use pinterest
Have you ever journeyed into the world of Printerest?
For a long time I'd occasionally come across Pinterest, but I never really understood its me it seemed just like doing a search on google images. I couldn't fathom it as anything beyond another image search tool.
Ah how I was wrong!

When I "got it" the penny really did drop! I've been using it now for a few months, so I don't claim to be a pinterest expert, however, I figured I could share how I have found pinterest to be useful to me...and boy is it useful!

But I warn can get lost in pinterest as you find hours seem like minutes in there!

At its simplest, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. It allows you to store all those great finds you come across online and store those links with an image, saving you a huge amount of space on your computers favourite list and making it way more organised!

So how it works is you make specific categorised boards, and each of these categories appear on a main board.
In the picture below you can see my main board. I've made a number of categorises which when I find something online, I will "pin" (store) to whichever is relevant.
how to use pinterest

 Here is my maths board, I'll save any fun ideas to do with learning or teaching maths, projects or printables. Each image is linked to the original webpage so its easy to go back and find full details if you need, or just use the images for inspiration!
how to use pinterest
Another board I made is to pin home-made toy ideas...
how to use pinterest
A board to pin creative fun fruit recipe ideas....

how to use pinterest

Creative Islamic Studies ideas....
how to use pinterest
You can make boards for anything you like...home organisation, home made cleaning recipes, Arabic language resources, craft ideas, parenting tips.....what ever you want and need because its completely personal to you!
Search pinterest to find creative fun ideas, or pin directly from websites! You'll never have to clog up your computers favourite list again!

Arabic alphabet lapbook: Part 4 of 5!

Arabic alphabet lapbook / worksheets
Number 4 of the 5 part Arabic Alphabet lapbooks is now available for download alhmdulillah!

If you have missed the earlier parts, check out the Arabic label where you can find the previous post links inshaAllah (the first includes pictures of a completed lapbook).

To download simply click on the high-lighted text below....

{Arabic Alphabet lapbook part 4}

Learning Arabic? ...a few online resources to check out...

arabic resources online, worksheets and printables
Alhamdulillah there are some great Arabic learning resources available is a small list of a few I have come across.

free arabic curriculum
Some nice printable resources for children to help teaching Arabic - you'll find stories, colouring pages and themed vocabulary curriculum.
madina arabic online
If you are learning the Madina Arabic books, this is a useful site to help you, with audio sounds, and end of chapter quizzes!
madina arabic vocab
A free online resource which helps you to learn the Madina Arabic vocab bi'ithnillah.
-note this site offers courses on virtually anything and I am not recommending this whole site, rather this particular course.
arabic worksheets for kids
I came across this resource quite recently so I have only skimmed through it - however it looks a great addition to the Madina Arabic Reader books (The Madina Arabic course in a child-friendly version).
It is packed full of extra colourful lessons to help practice the vocab and grammar understanding all presented in a nice simple and colourful format.
I don't know anything about this site, but this particular resource looks hugely beneficial inshaAllah.
arabic prinatable resources
Lots of nice kids learning resources available for your to print at home.
arabic printables
The Taalibideen Jr family of websites offer great education resources!
I think right now the Arabic site is not available I assume for maintenance, but I have linked the Islamic Studies site which has a link to its Arabic sister site in the menu bar so inshaAllah, when its back online it will be easy for you to find.
learn to read arabic free
A huge series of step by step video lessons, which start from learning the alphabet up to rules of reading the Qur'an.
I have included this site in the list, because I know there are many parents who have come to Islam as adults and are learning Arabic inshaAllah.
While this site does not substitute the role of having a real teacher, it is a great help for those who perhaps can not find a teacher easily or want to have extra independent practice.
I don't know who is behind this site and what they are upon, however from what I can see this free resource is just helping you to learn to read the Qur'an with some rules bi'ithnillah. 
Here are 2 more sites I've come across, but haven't got time to put them into graphic images!
An excellent resource teaching Arabic grammar right from the beginning in a series of easy to follow readable lessons.
This isn't a free site, but I have tried it and it is unlike any other Arabic teaching website. Read my review for full details in this post inshaAllah.

Arabic Alphabet lapbook part 3 of 5

arabic alphabet lapbook printable worksheets
The third Arabic alphabet lapbook in the series is now available to download bi'ithnillah.

If you haven't seen the previous posts, head on over to the first where you can see pictures of a competed lapbook and get the download links for the 2 previous files inshaAllah,

First Lapbook {click here}
Second Lapbook {click here}

Download the third lapbook please click on the high-lighted text below...
{Arabic alphabet lapbook printable}

Arabic colours worksheets and craft activity!

Arabic colours worksheets and flashcards
A sweet Arabic colours set, which includes printable flashcards, a few worksheets and a craft activity making a small dodecahedron to help re-enforce the vocabulary learning bi'itnillah!
arabic colours 3D craft printable
Each side of the 3D shape shows a cupcake outline ready to be coloured in to show the Arabic colour it presents.
 To download the full set and print at home, simply click on the download link below....

Happy colouring!
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