Jolly Phonics - Montessori fusion lapbook 2

Long overdue, the 2nd lapbook in the Jolly-Montessori fusion style lapbook, covering letters c,k,e,h,r,m,d.

Two download options available:
Blue consonants and red vowels (as used with the Learning resources alphabet) download HERE!
Red Consonants and blue vowels (as used with the Montessori movable alphabet) download HERE!

Activity after completing the lapbook:

Use a movable alphabet to copy and spell the simple CVC words in the middle of the folder. Help child to sound out the letters  to put together the full word, for example,

taking the word "red"
Child copy the word, finding the letters from the movable alphabet to spell. Then ask the child to read each letter sound "r" "e" "d". (make sure the letter sound is read and not the letter name).
Help child to blend the letters to say the word, or ask what word can you hear, and you sound out the letters.

Continue making new words with all letters used from past lapbooks.

Germs lapbook

Simple lapbook all about Germs!
 A basic introduction to what germs are, how they spread and find their way into our body, as well as what defences our body has against them! Finishes off with the dua'as to say if visiting some one who is ill and the benefits of sickness as a means to expiate ones sins!

It is available for free download inshallah HERE!!!!

Finished lapbook below, not in order of competition!

Inside folder

Can we see germs?

What are Germs?
Brief description various bugs, including bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa.

Germs can make me ill.

How Germs spread.

How we can stop germs spreading.

Method to wash hands wheel.

How does my body fight germs
Including explanation of immune systom, skin, stomach and white blood cells.

What to say when visiting someone who is ill.
2 cards inserted in pocket with dua'a to say when visiting someone who is ill.

Illness removes sins.
Hadeeth regarding the expiation of sins due to illness.

Poster to finish off project, stuck to the back of the folder.

Blog going through a change...

This blog begun at the start of our homeschooling journey, as a means to benefit others inshaAllah. However as time has passed, I have been sharing less and less of our own personal experiences, and instead I have been focusing more on sharing resources.

I have gone through the blog and deleted all posts which share personal experiences or thoughts, I may have missed one or two so if I become aware I have left anything they too will be removed inshaAllah.

All other posts with resources should still be up and downloads still available bi'ithnillAllah.

All posts regarding fictional story writing have also been removed, as I recently learnt that the writing of fiction is not permissible, as the Ulema say that the fiction is a lie.

The direction of this blog is to continue as a means of sharing resources and homeschool articles inshaAllah, which I hope will serve as a benefit to others inshaAllah.

May Allah rectify all our affairs and guide us to that which pleases Him.
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