Salaah worksheet folder printable; The conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer

Salaah worksheet folder for the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer
We are back again with more review material for the Conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer as explained in the Book authored by Shiekh Muhammad bin Abdil-Wahhaab, explained by Sheikh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee and Shiekh Abdul-Muhson al-Abbaad!
This worksheet style folder can be used as a simple introduction to the topic study, or used at the end of learning either as a review aid or to allow the student to demonstrate what they have learnt.
printable Salaah worksheet folder for the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer

Each of the conditions, pillars and requirements are named and set out in a chart, with a blank space to give a short, brief explanation as to what each mean. By no means is this an extensive piece of work for the child to complete; its purpose is to allow just a short answer to show a basic comprehension.
You may like to allow your student(s) to copy a simple answer you write out first, however if they are older or show greater understanding, you may encourage them to complete the answers independently....use it in whichever way works for your family or individual child!
Salaah worksheet folder for the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll know by now that the folder is designed around fitting onto an A3 sheet of folded card (or 2 A4 cards taped together), with the cover on the front, and worksheet pages affixed to each of the remaining sides.

I like to use coloured card and trim the sheet edges to give a coloured boarder frame around each sheet, but by all means, you don't need to do that.

We have 2 options to choose from; girls or boys. The content is exactly the same in each, the only difference is the pictures.
Select from the high-lighted text below to download inshallah.


  1. Salam aleikom sister..

    May Allah reward you

  2. ALhamdulillah, I myself was not aware of these conditions, and their names and sequences, so it will be great for the whole family to learn. Jazakum allahu khairan

  3. salaam aleikom

    would you give me permission to translate this into swedish? For swedish muslim to download at

    May Allah reward you..

  4. Assalaamu'alaykum wa rohmatullah wa barokaatuh

    Thank you so much for all your stuffs and shares at this blog. Jazaakillahu khoiran


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