Printable Moon and Sun letter worksheet folder for kids!

You might remember a couple of weeks ago we posted a free printable Arabic Moon and Sun letter poster? From that, we have put together a quick worksheet style folder to help kids practice their learning of these letters and their different rules inshallah.

The cover is a colouring version of the poster with each letter standing in front of either a sun or a moon to demonstrate whether they are hurooful-Qamariyyah or huroofush-shamsiyyah.
Then 2 worksheets in which the child will write all the letters in each category as well as write a short explanation of each ruling.
The last sheet gives a chart where all the letters in each category need to be written along with a word example using the definite article ال. (being sure to put the sukoon above the ل for the moon letters and the shaddah above the first letter of the word from the sun letters).

We ourselves make these sheets into a folder by folding an A3 sheet of card (or taping 2 A4 sheets) so that a worksheet will be stuck onto each of the 4 sides with the cover out on the front. But its not necessary, by all means just print and use as 4 separate worksheets.
 I just think its nice to have something which displays a short topic of learning and a folder like this does that well.

To download, click into the high-lighted text below inshallah.


  1. Thank you, ı have been looking for a worksheet like this

  2. Superb thing you share for kids, keep it up and kindly share some more books for kids.


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