Arabic detached pronouns worksheet printable

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Back to the reason for this post! A simple colour in vocabulary folder to help learn the Arabic detached pronouns.

This simple worksheet activity has been designed to make an A4 folder (if you want to make)....this folder style has been appearing a lot on the blog recently! We think its a nice way to present a small piece of information learnt and just makes it a little more interesting than an ordinary worksheet.

To download, just click on the high-lighted text below....



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  2. I love them, mashallah! I would love to know how you make these sheets. I was also interested on how you make those planners. Do let me know please :)

  3. AssaLamu alaikum wa RamatuLlaahi wa barakaatuh sister.
    I've been following your blogging for sometimes. MashaALLAH so inspiring and innovative.
    I always recommend your site to my friends .
    May Allah accept your deeds.

  4. mashaallah you are great your site has and still helping me a lot may Allah reward you.

  5. assalamu alaikum
    mashaallah your site is great i have bean following your site for quite sometime, and i love everything in it. may Allah reward you.


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