Advice for the Muslim Homeschooler eBook gift

free eBook to help Muslim homeschoolers

After first publishing Advice for the Muslim Homeschooler in 2017, I've updated it for 2020 making it bigger and better - and yes it is still free to download! It has truly been a labor of love putting this together.

If you're not a home educating mumma, I think there is still lots in here that you too will find benefit in and resonate with insha'Allah, so don't be deterred by the title. Whilst I passionately offer this to help home educating sisters build their confidence and find support, much of what I share is from the perspective of being a mother that anyone will relate to.

Create your Ramadan Action Plan with this fun family activity guide!

Ramadan Action Plan printable family activity guide

Following the pre-Ramadan prep planner, designed to help mums get organised; this week I'm sharing a set of guided activities for the whole family to come together on. 

This short activity guide has been designed to help you figure out along with your family what is important to you all around Ramadan; giving you time to put things in place so that you can focus on what really matters bi'ithnillah.

Ramadan is the time of year where routines change and focus shifts. We look forward it, and many of us move things around so that our families can take as much benefit as we can from this time bi'ithnillah. 

Yet despite our best intentions, it can be easy to get swept along and find ourselves lost in and amongst all our many responsibilities; struggling to find a balance between what we want to achieve over Ramadan and our everyday ordinary life.

How can we teach our children Islamic Studies at home?

Teaching children Islamic Studies from home

Something I see mummas everywhere always wanting help on, is how to teach Islam at home with family.
This topic was raised by an attendee in my Homeschooling With Confidence course, and I thought it would be beneficial to share my (edited and updated) response here with you too, since it is such a common quest so many of us have.

Certainly it has always been something that I’ve been conscious of. Islam is the central part of our lives and we want to raise our children to love our religion and more than that, act upon it; knowing it is Allah Alone who guides.

My advice here is that of a fellow mum just like you. I am not a student of knowledge rather I have to be clear that I’m a layman, so I will always refer you to the people of knowledge because it is beyond my expertise to instruct you in Islamic matters. So please know that what I am offering here is merely general advice from one mother to another in dealing with children and teaching them Islam at home.

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