Create your Ramadan Action Plan with this fun family activity guide!

Ramadan Action Plan printable family activity guide

Following the pre-Ramadan prep planner, designed to help mums get organised; this week I'm sharing a set of guided activities for the whole family to come together on. 

This short activity guide has been designed to help you figure out along with your family what is important to you all around Ramadan; giving you time to put things in place so that you can focus on what really matters bi'ithnillah.

Ramadan is the time of year where routines change and focus shifts. We look forward it, and many of us move things around so that our families can take as much benefit as we can from this time bi'ithnillah. 

Yet despite our best intentions, it can be easy to get swept along and find ourselves lost in and amongst all our many responsibilities; struggling to find a balance between what we want to achieve over Ramadan and our everyday ordinary life.

The best Ramadan Journal for kids!

Help the kids this Ramadan with My Ramadan Journal

It’s that time of year where we find ourselves waiting to welcome Ramadan into our homes again inshaAllah; may Allah allow us to witness it.

As parents and educators, we love getting ready for this special month; we love teaching children to get excited in anticipation of its arrival, and we love encouraging them towards good.

To help kick start your Ramadan preparations, I’m super happy to introduce to you this doodly note-book style Ramadan Journal with a twist...

It's been designed with two parts; the first to be used before Ramadan, the second during....and it includes 13 cover designs to choose from so the kids can all have something different (if they want to!).

How can we teach our children Islamic Studies at home?

Teaching children Islamic Studies from home

Something I see mummas everywhere always wanting help on, is how to teach Islam at home with family.
This topic was raised by an attendee in my Homeschooling With Confidence course, and I thought it would be beneficial to share my (edited and updated) response here with you too, since it is such a common quest so many of us have.

Certainly it has always been something that I’ve been conscious of. Islam is the central part of our lives and we want to raise our children to love our religion and more than that, act upon it; knowing it is Allah Alone who guides.

My advice here is that of a fellow mum just like you. I am not a student of knowledge rather I have to be clear that I’m a layman, so I will always refer you to the people of knowledge because it is beyond my expertise to instruct you in Islamic matters. So please know that what I am offering here is merely general advice from one mother to another in dealing with children and teaching them Islam at home.

Help entrepreneurial kids start a business

help kids start their own business - free printable workbook

We all know the famous adage that goes "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

Most of us don't think about entrepreneurship. Schools certainly don't. We think about getting good grades and preparing for universities. We think about how we can help our children mold themselves into a person that universities will want and employers seek out. I'm not saying that is a bad thing to do, not at all. But what I am saying, is alongside this academic learning, wouldn't it be beneficial to develop business related skills so that they know how to become employers not only employees? Sure, owning and running a business isn't for everyone, but neither is being a doctor, teacher or manager.

Torn between school and homeschool?

torn between school and homeschool? your free guide to help you choose

I receive questions from mothers unsure whether they should choose school or home education for their growing family.

 I totally get this dilemma; it's something my husband and I faced years ago when trying to figure out what route we should take for ours.
So what is the right thing to do and how do you discover the answer right for you?

A beginners guide to starting homeschool - a 4 week online workshop

muslim homeschooling online workshop

Ever since I began home educating a decade ago, I've always believed that our community could benefit from training days just as teachers receive training days in school. To continue our own "professional development" in the educating of our own children at home and all that entails. It is certainly something I have always craved for myself and absolutely see the value in.
The role of the home educator is probably one of the biggest learn on the job responsibilities that any of us will ever face - and if there is something out there that can help us get started and find our feet, then brilliant!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our four part online workshop: Homeschooling with confidence - a beginners guide to starting homeschool. 

Registration is open I am genuinely so excited for this; I really can not wait to work with a whole bunch of you on a much deeper level that the general support and information I love offering through the Muslim Homeschoolers Facebook group and Instagram as well as here. There is so much information out there, this workshop aims to give you everything in one place - but more than that, I really want you to walk away completely confident in your ability to start building the homeschool of your dreams that meets the needs of your own family inshaAllah - not mine or anyone else's.

To find out everything you need to know about this online workshop, you can download the Homeschooling with confidence information brochure, or continue reading below (if you download the brochure and want to enrol, make sure you come back to this post and scroll down to the end to join).

What do to when your husband doesn't want to homeschool

Find out what to do when your husband doesn't want to home educate

I have heard this question from sisters; and certainly more than once. You want to home educate, but dear hubby doesn't, so what should you do? 

My goal here is to help you get the individual answers that YOU need...not merely provide a set of generic pieces of advice and hope they will fit. 

And so at the end of this post I've provided a free homeschool coaching page where I turn questions back onto you; helping you discover what it is that you personally need to do in your own unique situation bi'ithnillah. 

Homeschool Planner 2019-2020 designed with Muslim home educators in mind

Homeschool planner designed for Muslim home educators

Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling when an empty homeschool planner presents itself; an invitation to recreate our homeschool just as a fresh coat of paint gives a new lease of life to old tired walls.

I'm super excited to share our updated Homeschool planner for 2019-2020!

This production has truly been a labour of love....truth be told I am a bit of a planning nerd. Although I have to tell you, sometimes the planning is a little more fun than the implementation of it all.

Its specifically designed for the Muslim Homeschooler, with both Islamic as well as secular quotes relating to education scattered throughout to sprinkle a little inspiration when you need it.

Sibling Rivalry - what to do when kids won't stop fighting

sibling rivalry - what to do when kids won't stop fighting

Recently I ran a pole over on Instagram, asking if your children ever fight, bicker and squabble. A whopping 82% of you answered "all the time".

This is what I know....when your children are at each others throats, it always seems like they are the only children in the world who don’t seem to be able to get on.

It can also feel at times that they seem to hate each other, which is heart breaking to see.

Firstly let me assure you that your children truly are not the only ones in the world who are always bickering (I personally attest to that!). Secondly, they don’t hate each other - even if it might seem so at the time.

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