Master Planning Kit

Homeschool planner kit for the muslim mum

Calling all home educating mummas! Are you ready to take charge of your homeschool adventures, crush overwhelm and carve a legacy that will be remembered by your children for a lifetime as you build the homeschool of your dreams?

Meet the crème de la crème of all printable homeschool planning kits, designed to take your beautiful homeschool vision and help transform it into a reality, insha'Allah.

Bursting with guidance, inspiration and self-coaching exercises to help you discover what your family needs so you have more time to live your best homeschool life, knowing you're in control.

This is more than just a printable planner. It is your personal coach and mentor (without the hefty price tag that comes from hiring one), guiding you through the transformation of your homeschool vision, with a 25-video series to walk you through using it.

Homeschool Planner

If you're ready to take charge and have more time to do the things that matter, you'll love this...

Imagine having your own homeschool mentor and coach to help you design and manage your homeschool adventure. Imagine how it would feel to know you're in control so you can crush your fears, beat overwhelm and eliminate self-doubt so you can focus on building beautiful homeschool memories with your children. 

Instead of plodding along trying to figure it all out on your own, imagine if you were able to get the help and guidance to take back control. Would that interest you?

That's exactly what this planning kit will be for you. A MASSIVE 14-section printable planner bundle with guided video how-tos (think of it as a crash course in setting up your homeschool for success) to get the best out of your homeschool planning. It's packed with mentorship and coaching tools to prompt you to take action toward those big beautiful homeschool dreams of yours and eliminate overwhelm. 

Whether you're brand new to home education or a seasoned pro, this is made for YOU

Building The Homeschool Of Our Dreams is an epic toolkit with everything you need to build or reboot your homeschool and organise your learning, so you can take control and transform your homeschool dreams into an everyday reality, insha'Allah.

A hybrid between a planner and a coaching guide that will serve you every step of the way so you can find lasting results, insha'Allah... the only condition is you have to be ready to take action! 

Packed with the planning pages you'd expect to prepare your lessons and activities, together with guided mentorship and coaching exercises to help you reach your family's goals with intention and ease.  

With your trusted sidekick at the ready to help you get organised, boost momentum and prompt you when you're stuck, building the homeschool of your dreams couldn't be easier.

Homeschool Planner quote

3 reasons why this planning kit is going to enhance your homeschool, insha'Allah

Reason #1
I've combined my experience as a home educator and work supporting home educating mums for more than a decade, together with my ongoing coach training in Personal Development and Education, to give you a toolkit to prepare your awesome homeschool adventures and overcome challenge, insha'Allah.

Reason #2
When I say this is the BOSS of all homeschool planners, it's because I've taken all the biggest homeschool problems I see in our community (overwhelm, burnout, struggling with a child who is behind, self-doubt, self-neglect, not enough time, an upside-down house) and put together the tools to beat them, offering the planning pages you'd expect alongside a whole lot more you wouldn't.

Reason #3
The fastest way to get results is with a mentor who has already achieved what you want to do or a coach who will help you discover the right track for you. But hiring either can be expensive. This is an opportunity to have the guidance of a mentor and several coaching sessions without the heavy price tag.

Reason #4
Unlike other planners, this planning kit not only helps you design and set up your homeschool experience and lessons, but it will also show you how to reboot when your mojo has taken a dip so you can get back in the driver's seat and enjoy the homeschool ride again.

Homeschool Planner quote

Design, Map, Plan And Reboot Your Homeschool

With a 14 section planner bundle, each section is accompanied by how-to videos so you have everything you need to design and sustain your homeschool for success, bi'ithnillah. 

  1. Homeschool Organiser
    Organise your homeschool and design your week, the easy way. Guided exercises to walk you through building a solid routine and an effortless strategy to keep your lessons consistent.

  2. Our Calendar
    Map out your year with monthly overviews including both Gregorian and Hijri options. Each calendar choice is undated, so you can use this again year after year. 

  3. Our Homeschool Map
    Discover your homeschool why so finding the how of homeschool will become easy. This section prepares you to write your mission/vision statement by coaching you to dig deep to pull out what you really are striving for. 

  4. A Homeschool That Looks Like Us
    Find the confidence to gift your family the freedom to be your authentic selves so you can facilitate a learning path that offers value and meaning to you...not someone else. 

  5. Knowing My Children
    Before you plan your homeschool lessons, you have to know who you're planning them for! This information is key as you prepare to facilitate meaningful learning opportunities to help your children grow. In this section, each of your children will be put under the microscope to discover what else you can see. I'll show you how to set effective goals and if you have a child who is behind, you'll be prompted to map out what to do next.
  6. Priority Planner
    When overwhelm and stress creeps in because there is too much to do, the priority planner will show you how to identify what matters most to the success of your day. 

  7. Lesson Planner
    A range of planning pages to chose from (you won't use them all!) to help you map out your full homeschool year, a four-week outline, a week ahead, unit studies or a new topic, prepare individual lessons, plan hadith or an ayah a week/month and a Qur'an tracker for the, how to "Plan" if you unschool or can't get your head around planning in advance. 

  8. Morning Time Planner
    Get your morning time/morning basket routine organised and prepped so you can smoothly transition from rest into the hustle of your homeschool day.

  9. Organising Home
    Home is the foundation of your homeschool, so it makes sense to carve the path to successfully manage it, giving you more time to focus on the things that really matter (and I'm sure that's not keeping a bottle of bleach in your hand!)

  10. Self-Care
    You are the beating heart of your family. When muma is happy, the house is happy. When muma is stressed, the whole house shakes! Looking after yourself is crucial to your ability to look after those you love. That's why you'll have a whole section dedicated just for you.

  11. Monthly Reflections
    A powerful exercise to add to your homeschool toolkit that will allow you to be at the top of your homeschool game month after month, insha'Allah. 

  12. A Year Of inspiration
    Your professional development as a mother and educator starts here, with a simple exercise to help you build your very own hub of wisdom.

  13. My Homeschool reboot
    Not every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows. When homeschool starts to feel a little sticky and you're losing momentum, it's time for a reboot. Here you'll discover how to close the gap from where your homeschool currently is, and where you want it to be, so you can rejuvenate your homeschool passion insha'Allah. 

  14. Our Ramadan Action Plan
    Discover with your children what you want to do this Ramadan with a four-part family activity, to help you map out your month; deciding whether you'll continue with homeschool or not. 
Homeschool Planner bundle

Building The Homeschool Of Your Dreams Couldn't Be Easier with supporting videos

I want to make sure you can confidently walk away and start building the homeschool of your dreams so I have created a series of videos to accompany each of the 14 sections, offering you a mini crash course to everything related to homeschool planning!

You'll view a function overview of key pages with some examples to get you started....together with a little homeschool advice sprinkled in throughout (how could I not?).

Homeschool Planner video series

Reuse this Kit year after year without paying a penny more!

Since this is a PDF planner that you will be required to print, it means you don't have to wait for shipping time and can get started right away! 

It also means you can reprint and reuse year after year. So you buy once and can use for a lifetime! 

(please note, your purchase is for one user only. It isn't permitted to share, give or resell your planning kit with anyone else).

Homeschool classes to boost momentum

Bonus Video Replays 

To make sure you really do have everything you need to set up your homeschool planning for success, I've thrown in not one, but two extra class videos that will help you boost your homeschool enthusiasm and momentum, insha'Allah. 

Reigniting Homeschool Passion and Filling Your Cup were recorded earlier this year, now yours to keep so you can get an encouragement to refuel anytime you need it. 

Muslim Homeschool Planner bundle

I'm ready! How much does it cost?

To celebrate the launch, I'm giving you a MASSIVE 25% discount code that's good to use until the end of February 2021. 

You'll get instant access to:

  1.  All 14 printable planner bundles (designed to be ink-friendly with a fun, quirky minimalist vibe)
  2. The 25 video how-to series
  3. Reigniting Homeschool Passion class replay video
  4. Filling Your Cup class replay video
  5. Telegram members group invite 
You'll pay only £36.75 when using the launch discount code 25OFF at checkout throughout February (discount runs until March 1st - full price £49)

Sign me up quick!

To sign up with instant access head over to my kit access page and remember to add the discount code 25OFF at checkout to get a whopping 25% off. 

Please Note Terms Of Use:
When you sign up you will be prompted to agree to my terms of use.
By signing up you agree:

  1. You are female and will not allow men to hear the video presentations.
  2. You will not share, distribute, or resell the materials or your portal access

Homeschool Unstuck

Homeschool Unstuck a free Q&A for muslim mums

After over a decade working in our fabulous Muslim homeschool community, answering questions and lending out advice, I’ve noticed something. The vast majority of those questions and challenges are the same. It doesn’t matter where we live in the world or what our cultural background may be, the crux of our difficulties, anxieties and concerns are incredibly similar. 

I wanted to do something more than just offer a few lines of advice in a social media reply, and have produced several free ebooks in an attempt to help provide some support and direction. However, I know that’s not enough. I want to do more. Sometimes you need to physically hear that advice and guidance instead of just reading it. Sometimes the spoken word has a more significant impact because the human voice brings about connection. There is something about hearing a voice that offers a greater sense of understanding.

Find Your Homeschool Confidence

Homeschool With Confidence online course for Muslim women

Are you looking for a beginners guide to help you start home educating or are you already deep in the homeschool trenches feeling stuck and in need of a reboot to help you fall back in love with it?

How would it feel to start building the homeschool of your dreams insha'Allah? One inspired by your own unique family; not mine or anyone else's; but yours.

I have BIG NEWS! I've reopened the doors to my signature course Homeschool With Confidence, to welcome the third cohort. And in my usual style, I like to up my game to make it even better than before with new content to add more value to your investment. 

Homeschool With Confidence is a 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐒𝐯𝐞 πŸπŸ”-𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐀 programme, designed to provide you with detailed information, support and mentorship combined with a little gentle coaching, all in the same place. Allowing you to focus on building a happy thriving homeschool you are confident, excited and passionate about bi'ithnillah. 

What Is Home Education?

What is home education?

Home education can be described as the parents' decision to take on the responsibility for the education of their children instead of handing that responsibility over to a school (although it should be noted that even in sending our children to school, it is still the parents who are ultimately responsible for the education received -not everyone always realises this).

Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that homeschool is to study the same material as schools do but at home. Nor is home education limited to learning in the home in the same way that school is restricted to learning within the school. 

What often comes to mind when people think of homeschoolers, are families sitting around the kitchen table ploughing through dull textbooks, trapped inside all day with no one to talk to. What they imagine is an awful and isolated version of school that no one wants to be a part of, but instead, inside the home. 

The truth could not be further from this poorly imagined narrative. 

While some families certainly do follow school-style curriculum at home, home educators are in fact free to educate according to the needs of their child and this can be done in many different ways...with or without a workbook...and beyond the four walls of a house.

Homeschool Planning For Muslim Mums

Homeschool Planning workshop for muslim mums

One thing I would say when it comes to planning homeschool, is try to make it a pleasurable experience for yourself. Give yourself time to do it, ideally undisturbed while the kids are busy, in bed, or off being entertained by Dad. Having this quietness without distraction is going to help you to focus and enjoy the experience. Grab your favourite drink, resources and planner. Set yourself up so you have everything you need in front of you at hand, and you're set to go. 

But what if you're not too sure on effective methods for homeschool planning? What if you don't know where to start or what you need? 

If you're looking for a homeschool planning 101, I'm your girl. I'm excited to be opening up the planning masterclasses from the Homeschool With Confidence 16-week course, to offer a 2-day workshop if you didn't want to sign up for the whole course series.

When it comes to homeschool, anxiety often flairs up when we feel we are not in control because we don't know what we should be doing. And an anxious mum makes for a stressful homeschool experience. I know myself, when I have everything set in order and ready, the week runs smoothly Alhamdulillah. When I don't, then my anxiety monster cranks his weight heavy upon my shoulders. 

One thing I have learned over a decade of home educating is that planning doesn't have to be hard. Nor does it need to take forever to do. Certainly, you don't want to be spending more time preparing your lessons than it takes the kids to actually get through them. That would be madness! Homeschool planning can even be quite fun....yes, it can. Having a plan gives you a roadmap. It isn't inscribed upon a stone tablet that you're unable to deviate from. If you come across a more scenic route you're free to take it. But having the map helps you to find direction. This is what homeschool planning does. It offers a guide to allow you to move toward your objectives but doesn't need to enslave you. 

Over two weeks, I'll share with you some simple methods for homeschool planning so that you can feel empowered and in control insha'Allah. I'll show you how to plan using my printable planner that you'll receive as an attendee as well as introduce you to how you can create your own custom made planner to meet all your unique needs, using an ordinary notebook.

Let's take a look at what we'll cover over the two masterclasses bi'ithnillah....

10 MORE Homeschool Books You Should Read

book reviews for homeschool and parenting from a muslim homeschool

I don't know about you, but I'm a big believer in continuing to develop my skills and understanding to help my role as both a mother and an educator. I've read many books over the years and have found them to be invaluable. Right in your hand, you're able to peek inside the brains of experts within the field of education and parenting to take benefit from them without even needing to leave the comfort of your home. 

In my last post I mentioned how important it is for us to continue our own professional development as home educators throughout our whole educating and parenting career not only at the beginning when we first jump in.
Even if you're not a homeschooler, as a parent this idea of professional development is still incredibly important so you can continue to grow as your children do.
In that post I shared ten books you should read if you're a home educator or looking to find out more about homeschool.

Reading is a resourceful way to give yourself almost like a university-level self-education on a budget, by picking out the books written by the experts in various fields.

 Today I want to share ten more that will help to develop an understanding of how children learn, and how we can reach them as parents as we mentor and coach them through their own learning journey. 

Again, like I mentioned in the earlier post, these are all secular books. So be aware of anything that is not aligned with Islamic values that might pop up.

10 Homeschool Books You Should Read

10 homeschool books you should read

Everyone knows grandma can cook. No one beats grandma's cooking. It is hard to imagine that she has ever burned the rice or dried out the chicken. But once upon a time, she probably did. She has just been cooking for so long now she has mastered the art (and we all enjoy the results!). She has found the recipe hacks and knows all the secrets. But it wasn't always that way.

When you’re learning a new dish for the first time, it helps to have a recipe in front of you. Maybe you’ll try out several alternatives until you find the one that turns out just right.
Once you have mastered this recipe, you’ll start to tweak it and throw in new ingredients, until it transforms into your VERY OWN signature dish that no one else can out-do.

Discovering how to homeschool is like this dish you’re trying to make for the first time...
Go out there and read the recipe books on homeschool, education, and how children learn.
Use tried and tested recommendations from friends and make substitutes to please your palate.
Let those ideas and insights sink in and give yourself time to practice using them, adjusting and adapting to suit your family’s tastes.
What you’ll end up with is your own signature recipe for YOUR own perfect homeschool.

Your Homeschool Questions....Answered

Homeschool questions answered by Umm Khadeeja from a Muslim Homeschool

Jumping into homeschool is, for most of us, a huge leap into the unknown. I know how it is....the uncertainty, the doubt, the wanting to know what you're meant to do now you're not using school.

We want to be confident this is the right decision for our family.
We want to be confident we will give our children everything they need.
We want to be confident we know what we should be doing.
We want to be confident we won't mess up our children's education.
We want to be confident that We. Are. Enough.

I look back to the time my family made the decision to home educate when my eldest was 4. I was DESPERATE for someone to answer all my questions and point me in the right direction!

The internet wasn't what it is today when I was a new homeschooling mum. I remember trying to flag down local home educators with older children and more experience to pick their brains and seek advice....but often they were too busy to give me the time I craved. Of course they were - they were with their children.

Alhamdulillah today we can often find answers to many of our uncertainties with a click of a button, and I have been passionate in helping families find their homeschool answers for a decade so you don't have to struggle the same way I and many others like me did.

Last week I hosted an all-day Q&A over on Facebook so you could ask your homeschool questions. I have to confess that by the end of it I was exhausted! There were some interesting qurries posted and I thought it would be beneficial to share some of those here to make them easy to find and reference for anyone seeking the same advice.
What I'm going to do is repost some of them in a series of posts, with an edited response to provide a little more detail than the rapid-fire answers originally given.

If you have a homeschool question, I'm pleased to announce I'm launching a monthly Q&A series here on the blog insha'Allah, so please send yours if you have one (no matter the stage of your homeschool adventure) to

Let's kick start this new series with our first question, asking something I think many of us wonder...

Homeschooling With Confidence

Homeschool With Confidence online course for Muslim Mums

EDIT: Before you continue reading, the Homeschool With Confidence course has been relaunched. You can check out the brief overview here on the blog and find the detailed description and enrollment on the course page.

Are you looking for a beginners guide to help you start home educating or are you already in the homeschool trenches and in need of a reboot to help you fall back in love with it?
How would it feel to start building the homeschool of your dreams insha'Allah? One inspired by your own unique family; not mine or anyone else's; but yours (is this sounding too cheesy?).

Alhamdulillah following the success of the beta group who just recently completed this course, I've decided to rerun it after Ramadan and it is going to be BIGGER, better and more supportive than before insha'Allah. 

We have jumped from the original 4 week workshop and grown into a 16 week course that is designed to provide you with detailed information, support and guidance all in the same place so that you can focus on building a happy thriving homeschool you are confident, excited and passionate about bi'ithnillah. 
It is perfect for mums in the early stages of homeschool and mums preparing to start in the future as well as current home educating mums in need of a boot camp reboot and inspiration boost. I have to tell you I went through a massive homeschool reboot myself when putting this course together which makes me even more excited to share with you again second time round.

Temporary School-At-Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

advice for covid 19 school at home mums

All the parents who are finding themselves thrust into a sudden school-at-homer position, my heart goes out to you. You are in a difficult position caught somewhere between school and home education.
What you are doing isn’t home educating or homeschooling. Rather what you are doing is school-at-home which is something entirely different…and something most home educators run away from and advise against because we know it brings tears, stress and overwhelm.

I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I know many of your schools are providing you with homework assignments for your children that you’ll be expected to carry out.
But what I do want to say, is if you want to find success during this turbulent period and keep all your hair in tact, you have to let go of school expectations for your family. You have to start rethinking how you see education through the lens of your home, rather than through the lens of school.
This is a period that if you are to embrace could provide your family with no end of benefits; far beyond just the academic expectations.

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