10 MORE Homeschool Books You Should Read

book reviews for homeschool and parenting from a muslim homeschool

I don't know about you, but I'm a big believer in continuing to develop my skills and understanding to help my role as both a mother and an educator. I've read many books over the years and have found them to be invaluable. Right in your hand, you're able to peek inside the brains of experts within the field of education and parenting to take benefit from them without even needing to leave the comfort of your home. 

In my last post I mentioned how important it is for us to continue our own professional development as home educators throughout our whole educating and parenting career not only at the beginning when we first jump in.
Even if you're not a homeschooler, as a parent this idea of professional development is still incredibly important so you can continue to grow as your children do.
In that post I shared ten books you should read if you're a home educator or looking to find out more about homeschool.

Reading is a resourceful way to give yourself almost like a university-level self-education on a budget, by picking out the books written by the experts in various fields.

 Today I want to share ten more that will help to develop an understanding of how children learn, and how we can reach them as parents as we mentor and coach them through their own learning journey. 

Again, like I mentioned in the earlier post, these are all secular books. So be aware of anything that is not aligned with Islamic values that might pop up.

10 Homeschool Books You Should Read

10 homeschool books you should read

Everyone knows grandma can cook. No one beats grandma's cooking. It is hard to imagine that she has ever burned the rice or dried out the chicken. But once upon a time, she probably did. She has just been cooking for so long now she has mastered the art (and we all enjoy the results!). She has found the recipe hacks and knows all the secrets. But it wasn't always that way.

When you’re learning a new dish for the first time, it helps to have a recipe in front of you. Maybe you’ll try out several alternatives until you find the one that turns out just right.
Once you have mastered this recipe, you’ll start to tweak it and throw in new ingredients, until it transforms into your VERY OWN signature dish that no one else can out-do.

Discovering how to homeschool is like this dish you’re trying to make for the first time...
Go out there and read the recipe books on homeschool, education, and how children learn.
Use tried and tested recommendations from friends and make substitutes to please your palate.
Let those ideas and insights sink in and give yourself time to practice using them, adjusting and adapting to suit your family’s tastes.
What you’ll end up with is your own signature recipe for YOUR own perfect homeschool.

Your Homeschool Questions....Answered

Homeschool questions answered by Umm Khadeeja from a Muslim Homeschool

Jumping into homeschool is, for most of us, a huge leap into the unknown. I know how it is....the uncertainty, the doubt, the wanting to know what you're meant to do now you're not using school.

We want to be confident this is the right decision for our family.
We want to be confident we will give our children everything they need.
We want to be confident we know what we should be doing.
We want to be confident we won't mess up our children's education.
We want to be confident that We. Are. Enough.

I look back to the time my family made the decision to home educate when my eldest was 4. I was DESPERATE for someone to answer all my questions and point me in the right direction!

The internet wasn't what it is today when I was a new homeschooling mum. I remember trying to flag down local home educators with older children and more experience to pick their brains and seek advice....but often they were too busy to give me the time I craved. Of course they were - they were with their children.

Alhamdulillah today we can often find answers to many of our uncertainties with a click of a button, and I have been passionate in helping families find their homeschool answers for a decade so you don't have to struggle the same way I and many others like me did.

Last week I hosted an all-day Q&A over on Facebook so you could ask your homeschool questions. I have to confess that by the end of it I was exhausted! There were some interesting qurries posted and I thought it would be beneficial to share some of those here to make them easy to find and reference for anyone seeking the same advice.
What I'm going to do is repost some of them in a series of posts, with an edited response to provide a little more detail than the rapid-fire answers originally given.

If you have a homeschool question, I'm pleased to announce I'm launching a monthly Q&A series here on the blog insha'Allah, so please send yours if you have one (no matter the stage of your homeschool adventure) to info@amuslimhomeschool.com.

Let's kick start this new series with our first question, asking something I think many of us wonder...

Homeschooling With Confidence

Homeschool With Confidence online course for Muslim Mums

Are you looking for a beginners guide to help you start home educating or are you already in the homeschool trenches and in need of a reboot to help you fall back in love with it?
How would it feel to start building the homeschool of your dreams insha'Allah? One inspired by your own unique family; not mine or anyone else's; but yours (is this sounding too cheesy?).

Alhamdulillah following the success of the beta group who just recently completed this course, I've decided to rerun it after Ramadan and it is going to be BIGGER, better and more supportive than before insha'Allah. 

We have jumped from the original 4 week workshop and grown into a 16 week course that is designed to provide you with detailed information, support and guidance all in the same place so that you can focus on building a happy thriving homeschool you are confident, excited and passionate about bi'ithnillah. 
It is perfect for mums in the early stages of homeschool and mums preparing to start in the future as well as current home educating mums in need of a boot camp reboot and inspiration boost. I have to tell you I went through a massive homeschool reboot myself when putting this course together which makes me even more excited to share with you again second time round.

Temporary School-At-Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

advice for covid 19 school at home mums

All the parents who are finding themselves thrust into a sudden school-at-homer position, my heart goes out to you. You are in a difficult position caught somewhere between school and home education.
What you are doing isn’t home educating or homeschooling. Rather what you are doing is school-at-home which is something entirely different…and something most home educators run away from and advise against because we know it brings tears, stress and overwhelm.

I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I know many of your schools are providing you with homework assignments for your children that you’ll be expected to carry out.
But what I do want to say, is if you want to find success during this turbulent period and keep all your hair in tact, you have to let go of school expectations for your family. You have to start rethinking how you see education through the lens of your home, rather than through the lens of school.
This is a period that if you are to embrace could provide your family with no end of benefits; far beyond just the academic expectations.

Surviving School-At-Home

free online workshop for Muslim mums surviving school-at-home following the coronavirus school closures

With many mums across the UK and around the world finding themselves suddenly thrown into a schooler-at-home position, I want to offer a little guidance to help you settle and adapt to this new role you have been thrust into insha’Allah.

Whilst many of you have been provided with work to carry out at home, it is not an easy task implementing what is meant for school within the home as a parent; because your home simply is not a school and nor is it meant to be.

I want to offer some gentle guidance to show you how you can help unite the demands of school within your home without tearing your hair out insha’Allah!

This time we are facing is one of unease and I want to help lessen the burden and anxiety many mums are feeling during this time.

Next Sunday 29th March at 7:30pm UK time (BST) I invite you to join me for a FREE online workshop designed to help you navigate this unexpected situation insha’Allah.
The replay will be available for 24 hours only.

Home Learning - FREE eBook for Muslim parents

Help for muslim mums with schools closed due to the coronavirus

Many parents across the world are finding themselves at home with the children due to school closures following the current pandemic that is the coronavirus.
I’m receiving questions from school mums seeking advice on what to do as they find themselves in this unexpected schooler-at-home position; albeit a temporary one.

I have put together this short FREE eBooklet that I hope will provide a more comprehensive response than the brief reply I can give to each of you in private; designed to help aid us during this time and indeed continue to provide benefit to anyone interested in learning at home even after this epidemic has passed insha’Allah.

If you are reading this long after the outbreak has ended, you will still find value in this publication for suggested activities to try at home during weekends after school with your family bi’ithnillah.

Advice for the Muslim Homeschooler eBook gift

free eBook to help Muslim homeschoolers

After first publishing Advice for the Muslim Homeschooler in 2017, I've updated it for 2020 making it bigger and better - and yes it is still free to download! It has truly been a labor of love putting this together.

If you're not a home educating mumma, I think there is still lots in here that you too will find benefit in and resonate with insha'Allah, so don't be deterred by the title. Whilst I passionately offer this to help home educating sisters build their confidence and find support, much of what I share is from the perspective of being a mother that anyone will relate to.

Create your Ramadan Action Plan with this fun family activity guide!

Ramadan Action Plan printable family activity guide

Following the pre-Ramadan prep planner, designed to help mums get organised; this week I'm sharing a set of guided activities for the whole family to come together on. 

This short activity guide has been designed to help you figure out along with your family what is important to you all around Ramadan; giving you time to put things in place so that you can focus on what really matters bi'ithnillah.

Ramadan is the time of year where routines change and focus shifts. We look forward it, and many of us move things around so that our families can take as much benefit as we can from this time bi'ithnillah. 

Yet despite our best intentions, it can be easy to get swept along and find ourselves lost in and amongst all our many responsibilities; struggling to find a balance between what we want to achieve over Ramadan and our everyday ordinary life.

The best Ramadan Journal for kids!

Help the kids this Ramadan with My Ramadan Journal

It’s that time of year where we find ourselves waiting to welcome Ramadan into our homes again inshaAllah; may Allah allow us to witness it.

As parents and educators, we love getting ready for this special month; we love teaching children to get excited in anticipation of its arrival, and we love encouraging them towards good.

To help kick start your Ramadan preparations, I’m super happy to introduce to you this doodly note-book style Ramadan Journal with a twist...

It's been designed with two parts; the first to be used before Ramadan, the second during....and it includes 13 cover designs to choose from so the kids can all have something different (if they want to!).
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