Jolly Phonics - Montessori fusion lapbook 2

Long overdue, the 2nd lapbook in the Jolly-Montessori fusion style lapbook, covering letters c,k,e,h,r,m,d.

Two download options available:
Blue consonants and red vowels (as used with the Learning resources alphabet) download HERE!
Red Consonants and blue vowels (as used with the Montessori movable alphabet) download HERE!

Activity after completing the lapbook:

Use a movable alphabet to copy and spell the simple CVC words in the middle of the folder. Help child to sound out the letters  to put together the full word, for example,

taking the word "red"
Child copy the word, finding the letters from the movable alphabet to spell. Then ask the child to read each letter sound "r" "e" "d". (make sure the letter sound is read and not the letter name).
Help child to blend the letters to say the word, or ask what word can you hear, and you sound out the letters.

Continue making new words with all letters used from past lapbooks.

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