Germs lapbook

Simple lapbook all about Germs!
 A basic introduction to what germs are, how they spread and find their way into our body, as well as what defences our body has against them! Finishes off with the dua'as to say if visiting some one who is ill and the benefits of sickness as a means to expiate ones sins!

It is available for free download inshallah HERE!!!!

Finished lapbook below, not in order of competition!

Inside folder

Can we see germs?

What are Germs?
Brief description various bugs, including bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa.

Germs can make me ill.

How Germs spread.

How we can stop germs spreading.

Method to wash hands wheel.

How does my body fight germs
Including explanation of immune systom, skin, stomach and white blood cells.

What to say when visiting someone who is ill.
2 cards inserted in pocket with dua'a to say when visiting someone who is ill.

Illness removes sins.
Hadeeth regarding the expiation of sins due to illness.

Poster to finish off project, stuck to the back of the folder.


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