How Pinterest can be of use to you

how to use pinterest
Have you ever journeyed into the world of Printerest?
For a long time I'd occasionally come across Pinterest, but I never really understood its me it seemed just like doing a search on google images. I couldn't fathom it as anything beyond another image search tool.
Ah how I was wrong!

When I "got it" the penny really did drop! I've been using it now for a few months, so I don't claim to be a pinterest expert, however, I figured I could share how I have found pinterest to be useful to me...and boy is it useful!

But I warn can get lost in pinterest as you find hours seem like minutes in there!

At its simplest, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. It allows you to store all those great finds you come across online and store those links with an image, saving you a huge amount of space on your computers favourite list and making it way more organised!

So how it works is you make specific categorised boards, and each of these categories appear on a main board.
In the picture below you can see my main board. I've made a number of categorises which when I find something online, I will "pin" (store) to whichever is relevant.
how to use pinterest

 Here is my maths board, I'll save any fun ideas to do with learning or teaching maths, projects or printables. Each image is linked to the original webpage so its easy to go back and find full details if you need, or just use the images for inspiration!
how to use pinterest
Another board I made is to pin home-made toy ideas...
how to use pinterest
A board to pin creative fun fruit recipe ideas....

how to use pinterest

Creative Islamic Studies ideas....
how to use pinterest
You can make boards for anything you like...home organisation, home made cleaning recipes, Arabic language resources, craft ideas, parenting tips.....what ever you want and need because its completely personal to you!
Search pinterest to find creative fun ideas, or pin directly from websites! You'll never have to clog up your computers favourite list again!

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