Naming Nouns... a free Lapbook

Nouns Lapbook - learn all about common, proper, collective, abstract and concrete
Whether you are looking for something to teach nouns from scratch or do a little review, this lapbook is just the ticket and will take you through common, proper, collective, concrete and abstract nouns all in one place.

You'll have to forgive my photography, my phone camera isn't so hot...but it does the job to give you a peek (a good camera to take better blog photos is on my hope-one-day list inshaAllah!)

It's made up of 6 mini books; including an explanation to nouns in generality as well as showcasing each of the different noun types.
Nouns Lapbook   
nouns mini books

At the end, there is a fun game inspired a little by Connect 4 in which players take turns to spin a spinner and try to cover 5 nouns in a row to win.

I didn't have anything suitable to use as markers other than some Learning Resources money, separating the silver and copper coins for each player. If you have something like Tindlywinks those would work way better, or laminate and use white-board pens.

The nice thing is, to prepare the game the child is invited to colour code each of the noun types on their spinner and then go through the game words to colour each noun type the same.
Nouns game you can print at home

Nouns spinner
After completing each of the mini-books, what we did as an extra activity, is photo-copied pages from various books and used them to find and high-light each type of noun as we learnt / reviewed them.

This is an awesome way to engage the kids as they are more familiar with the text and are reading a passage in full context, rather than looking at isolated sentences or random words which bare no relationship to one another as found on typical worksheets and textbooks.

Any book will do, and any page you open at will be fine.
Finding nouns using regular books
using book photocopies to find nouns and other parts of speech

You can download the Naming Nouns Lapbook Here 

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