Interacting with non-Muslim Parents (free) e-book

Interacting with non-Muslim parents (free) e-book
Many of us have family who are not Muslim, or family who are upon deviated paths to the true teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf-us-salih.

I see many of us in this situation, often giving up hope that our family members will ever accept Islam in truth; and this is something incorrect. Rather we should continue to put our trust in Allah, and know that it is Allah alone Who guides.

We are living in a time where Muslims are in the millions subhanAllah, and its easy to forget that the early Muslims indeed had non-Muslim relatives, including the Noble Prophet himself. And from them all is a great example for us to look to.

Allah commands us to be dutiful to our parents - regardless of whether they are Muslim or not, and to obey them in all matters except if they order us with disobedience to Allah.

This short e-book is only 10 pages long, but provides a good lesson for us to benefit from bi'ithnnillah.

It is available to read as a PDF file from as well as on Scribd.
(if you have a tablet device, I really recommend you head on over to Scribd and download the Scribd app, because it is a free e-reader similar to Kindle, allowing you to easily read e-books such as this easily Alhamdulillah.)

Interacting with non-Muslim Parents PDF file
Interacting with non-Muslim Parents Scribd (readable on PC as well as mobile devices)

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