Whats going on?

The blog has been deactivated for the past couple of days whilst we underwent some much needed blog maintenance and tidy-up! Alhamdulillah its back up and running now with a few little changes.

Firstly, if you take a look at the post labels, you'll see that the posts have been divided into categories to make it easier to browse and find things you are looking for bi'ithnillah.

Secondly, about a third of the blog posts have been removed, either because they are irrelevant, a poor quality (from blogging in the early days!) or having other issues warranting their removal.

A while ago a new blog (www.learningarabicisfun.com) was set up for all new Arabic posts, however, maintaining the blogs is difficult due to time constraints (hence my such infrequent blogging). Therefore, that blog will be shutting down and any new content moved back over here inshaAllah.

I've seen there are a lot of comments awaiting publishing - I will get to them as soon as I can and reply inshaAllah. Your comments and feedback is always appreciated.

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