The Conditions, Pillars and Requirements of Salaah craft poster

We've taken inspiration from the family over at Growing in the Deen who produce some lovely presentation work, to produce this poster based upon the conditions, pillars and requirements of Salaah.

I've had to use my phone to take the pictures for this post instead of the digital camera so they haven't come out all that clear.
(just to note: the digital camera is only used for capturing non-animate subjects!)

We are currently using the book An explanation of the conditions, pillars and requirements of prayer to study together the details of salaah.
It is an excellent book which includes the original text in Arabic and its English translation, as well as explanations from both Shiekh Muhammad Amaan bin 'Alee al-Jaamee and Shiekh 'Abdul-Muhsin bin Hamad al-'Abbaad.

Its the same book we used a couple of years ago to produce the Sharoot of Salaah dodecahedron.
We used various craft papers to produce this poster of 3 flowers, with each flower naming each of the conditions, pillars and requirements on their leaves.

The conditions of the salaah are 9; and these must be present before the salaah beings.
  1. Islam
  2. Sanity
  3. Reaching the age of Maturity (at-Tameez)
  4. uplifting ritual impurity
  5. Removal of filth (from 3 things: body, clothes and place of prayer)
  6. Covering the 'Awrah
  7. Arrival of the proper time
  8. Facing the Qiblah
  9. Intention

The pillars of the salaah are 14; and if any of these are left out whether it be intentionally or due to forgetfulness, then the prayer is not valid.
  1. Standing, if one has the ability to do so.#
  2. The Opening Takbir
  3. Reciting Surah al-Faatihah
  4. Bowing (ruku)
  5. Rising from bowing.
  6. Prostrating on all seven limbs (The forehead which includes the nose, both hands, knees and tip-toes of both feet.)
  7. Erecting oneself from it.
  8. Sitting between the two prostrations
  9. Remaining tranquil (not rushing) during all of these pillars
  10. Maintaining the sequential order.
  11. The final Tashahhud.
  12. Sitting for it.
  13. Sending salaat of the Prophet.
  14. The final two Tasleems.

 The Requirements of the salaah are 8; if any of the requirements are left out intentionally, then the prayer is invalid due to being abandoned, however if they are missed due to forgetfulness then the prayer is still valid but one must perform the extra prostrations for forgetfulness at the end of the prayer.
  1. All of the takbeers except the Opening Takbir
  2. Saying "Subhanna Rabee al-'Adheem" (Perfect is my Lord, the Most Great) while bowing.
  3. Saying "Sami'a Allahu liman hamidahu" )Allah hears the one who praises Him) - this applies to the one leading the prayer and the one praying alone.
  4. Saying "Rabbanaa wa lakal-hamd" (Our Lord to You belongs the Praise) - this applies to everyone.
  5. Saying "Subhaana Rabbee al-A'alaa" (Perfect is my Lord, the Most High) while prostrating.
  6. Saying "Rabb ighfir lee" (My Lord, forgive me) while sitting in between prostrations.
  7. The final Tashahhud
  8. Sitting for it.


  1. Asalaam

    I am very overwhelmed and feel scared about what and where to start

    I have. A 4 year old and 1 year old

    Please can you advise where to begin to help them become good children

    1. Wa'alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah,

      You can check out the "Home Education" label under the Family and Education section. You should find there any short articles or advises regarding starting up home schooling and young children there inshaAllah.

      Hope that helps


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