The (hadith) tale of the leper, the bald man and the blind man e-book for kids!

This is the hadith collected in Sahih al-Bukhari, in the Book of the stories of the Prophets #3464, presented in a "story" format for children to enjoy as an e-book.

It has been broken down into smaller readable chunks to help kids read and comprehend the tale inshaAllah.

The text remains in its original translated meaning with the exception of a few minor modifications which simply changed the pronouns used to the name of whom was speaking, to make it easier for children to follow.

You can view it over on Scribd which is great if you have any tablet device - just download their free app! I believe if you have a kindle-fire you can also download the scribd app to view.

To view on Scribd, click through the high-lighted text below.
{The tale of three Israelites, a leper, a bald man and a blind man e-book}
 However, if you prefer to have something more tangible, then you can also download it from google docs to print inshaAllah, just click on the high lighted text below.


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