Cuting, sticking and number clothes!

Today Z enjoyed cutting and sticking buttons onto a Thobe - we found and printed this activity from A Muslim Child is Born.

I've seen this activity around on the Internet loads! But I was unable to track down any ready made T-shirts with numbers to sort and peg up on a line! So I made my own alhamdulillah.

It can be downloaded inshallah HERE

Here is Z's completed activity....she found it hilarious! (simple things eh!). I think I'll have to arrange some more pegging activities inshallah!


  1. Awsome!!!! Masha Allah. How do you make worksheets?

  2. Alhamdulillah! After a year home schooling I finaly have figured out how to do things on "word" mashAllah!

    If I want an image that has a face - I save image and re-open in paint - then errase the face.

    Making worksheets - save and insert images I've found on Google Images - if I want to add text on top of an image like I have with this one for example with the number on the T-shirt - just insert text box and place in position!

    Easy alhamdulillah!:)

    I'm still playing around, trying to make things look better inshallah...learning all the time mashAllah!


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