Kiddie flower craft fun.....

We've had the girls cousins staying all week, and so yesterday we made some paper flowers to give to their Mum and Dad when they picked them up today.
They were all super impressed with their flowers mashAllah and played with them for ages alhamdulillah!

I have to admit.....I did help abit with this, the kids struggled to fold the tissue paper.

Here is what we did to make ours:

  • 4 sheets A4 tissue paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • 1 A4 sheet green sugar paper
  • Sticky tape
1) First, layer the tissue paper together, and then concertina fold (as if you were making a fan).

2) Gently fold in half so you can see where the centre is, and then wrap the end of the pipe cleaner around the paper.

3) You then need to separate each layer of tissue paper and open out, pulling it back.

4) Once all the layers have been separated you will see it starting to look more like a flower now! To hold shape, we squeezed the centre together where the pipe cleaner is, to form a flower shape and wrapped sticky tape to keep the flower shape.

5) I found the pipe cleaner as a stem alone to be too flimsy - it wouldn't support the weight of the flower head, so I took a sheet of A4 green sugar paper and rolled up, securing with a bit of sticky tape. I then inserted the pipe cleaner into the new sugar paper stem, and stuck tape around the stem where it joined the flower.

6) Add a tag with ribbon at the back to write a message (on in our case, wrote each child's name!)

7) If you wanted, you could also add a layer of green tissue paper at the end to act as leaves. Just get a square piece of tissue paper, make small hole in centre in order to insert pipe cleaner stem through, then shape behind flower head.

Lastly, enjoy your home made flowers! :)

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