Odd and Even number activity

I wanted to refresh K's knowledge on odd and even numbers, so today we completed an activity idea I took from sister Umm Sara's blog Lifetime learning at home. (click through to see original idea for this activity). I've been trawling through Umm Sara's blog for the past few days taking many ideas to try with my little madams inshallah! (JazakAllah khayr sis :)  ).

So if you've clicked through onto Lifetime learning at home already, you will have seen that they made 2 streets with houses grouping together the odd and even numbers mashAllah.

I put together a sheet with a pretty house (found on google images) and inserted numbers 1-10. I've uploaded it online and can be downloaded inshallah HERE!
K then coloured and cut out before arranging onto her 2 streets to stick. We've stuck her poster on the wall to help K remember that odd numbers will aways end in a 1,3,5,7 or 9 and an even number will always end in 2,4,6,8 or 0.


  1. assalam alaykom sister jazaki ALLAHkhairan


  2. Wa'alaikum asakaa, sis, wa iyyaki barakAllahu feeki xxx


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