Learn the attactched Arabic pronouns with this free printable game!

Arabic possesive attached pronouns poster and game cards for kids

Help your kiddos learn the possessive attached pronouns with this free printable game pack, which includes a reminder poster or cheat-sheet to help.

How to play

Match the books and bookmarks to show Arabic and it's correct translated meaning.

Play alone against yourself with a timer to see how fast you can go, or play with multiple players to discover who can crack it first!

Alternatively, play memory match; lay all the cards face down and take turns to pick a book and a bookmark, if they match up keep the cards, if not lay them back down and the next player takes a turn.
Printing recommendations

For the best quality print, use gloss photo-paper. It is cheaply available now in most pound stores Alhamdulillah, then laminate. It really will give you the best end result with a professionally bought look and feel.

However, with that being said, photo-paper and lamentation is not essential. Regular card or printer paper will do fine.
Arabic attached pronouns poster chart and game cards for kids

Download the Arabic Noun Conjugation game {here} and play at home or school.

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  1. This is wonderful game thank you ..

  2. jazaki Elleh khayran for this efort mashalah you are serving our religion and arabic language may Allah reward you aljana


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