100 reasons to homeschool for the Muslim parent

100 reasons to homeschool for the Muslim parent
Whether you are exploring the idea of home education, or you are already down in the trenches in need of some inspiration, here are 100 reasons to homeschool, broken down into categories.

Home Schooling is good for Academics 

  • Freedom.
  • Freedom to do what is best for your children.
  • Freedom to learn what is relevant to your child / family.
  • Learn at child's pace.
  • Kids can follow their own interests, passions and skills.
  • Dig deep into topics which spark inspiration without having to "move on" because of time constraints.
  • Cater to learning styles which suit individual child and their needs.
  • Can move ahead when ready.
  • Can slow down when needed.
  • Choose what curriculum to follow....or not!
  • Learning can happen at any time and place.
  • Better management of study time without the "busy work" done in school.
  • Freedom to master a topic before pushing onto the next.
  • Judged on child's own ability and merits, rather than in comparison to other kids their age.
  • More one to one attention.
  • Opportunity to channel and encourage each child's individual strengths.
  • Inspires free thinking.
  • Learning is not missed after a sick day.
  • Learning is something the child takes part in...not something that is done to him.
  • Can learn out in the real world instead of being confined to one classroom.
  • More time to play....and this is how many younger children learn best.
  • Freedom to study topics typically taught later in school, much earlier. 
  • Freedom to study topics never taught in school at all. 
  • Freedom to learn life skills not covered in school (entrepreneurship comes to mind).
  • No tick boxes to fill.
  • No need for testing.
  • Can learn for the pleasure of learning, with mastery and interest, not just learning for the sake of passing a test one day and forgetting it all the next because it was meaningless in their actual life. 
  • Can complete school at an earlier age if ready.
  • Home school kids tend to show better performance in standardised tests.
  • Learning is not restricted to the constraints of a text book.
  • Can change curriculum if its not working or is just boring!
  • Freedom to work on arts or manual skill based subjects if a child shows greater aptitude in such areas. 
  • Can choose to sit GCSE exams earlier (in the UK) and go onto A-levels or even university.
  • Can spread GCSE exams over 4 or 5 years rather than doing all in one go (in the UK).
  • Avoid education labels.
  • Able to work towards genuine career options they are interested in much earlier. 
  • Make a couple of phone calls, and arrange to meet people in industry that your child is interested in who would be willing to teach your child a little..... better hands on experience than reading the same information from a text book.
  • Encourages life long learning and exploration. 
  • Provide a happy and safe learning environment.
  • What is taught typically at school, can be done much quicker at home.

Home schooling is good for family

  • Family has more time to bond and connect.
  • Build a loving and strong parent - child relationship.
  • Sibling relationships are nurtured and encouraged.
  • Instil your own family values - not someone else's.
  • School homework doesn't interfere and take over family life.
  • More time for cuddles.
  • More quality time together.
  • If a parent works odd hours, then there is more flexibility to be able to spend time together because the kids are not always out at school through the typical working weekday.
  • You get to be there for all the kids milestones and achievements....not just the pre-school ones.
  • Kids grow to care and help one another; everyone needs to pitch in....it's normal.
  • Kids...both girls and boys, learn what it takes to run a home. From Dad (and even Mum) working to pay the bills, to the preparation of meals, chores and budgeting etc) 

Home schooling is good socially

  • Negative peer pressure is hugely reduced.
  • Kids are free to be themselves.
  • Away from the artificial toxic environment school can produce.
  • Freedom to explore and express ideas without fear of ridicule.
  • Can spend time with people you choose to ...not forced to.
  • Not stuck in a room with a bunch of people defined only by their age. 
  • Opportunity to meet and befriend people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Social interactions out in the "real world" with real people.
  • Hugely reduced opportunity to be bullied.
  • Easier to find and encourage good companionship.
  • Easier to weed out and remove bad companions.
  • Less risk of catching head lice! (my genuine fear!)
  • Can shelter your children better from drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuity for longer (I don't mean by this to wrap them in cotton wool and hide them away from the world; when you visit the zoo you teach and show the lions den....but you don't let the kids jump in).
  • You can decide when your child is ready to learn about sex-ed, and within the context of marriage.
  • Can help guide children to appropriate social behaviour and correct when it falls short.

Home schooling perks

  • You get to know your children as children. If Allah blesses us all with a long life, then the majority of our children's life we will know them as adults....not as kids. So enjoy them whilst they are in this state. 
  • You are in control....not your local school, not some random education department. You. 
  • You set your own schedule.
  • Pick out the best of school that you want or need....attend tuition classes, co-ops, extra-curricular clubs and activities....some of these classes you wouldn't even get in school.
  • You get to be the one to help your kids through difficulties they face....not another adult or child who might not always have their genuine best interests at heart. 
  • Travel and get cheaper holiday deals during "term time".
  • Visit the empty park with fellow home school friends whilst the masses are in school.
  • Enjoy a pyjama day.
  • No need to raise hands and seek permission to go to the bathroom....and subsequently miss an important part of a lesson whilst there!
  • Can eat and drink whilst working.
  • Don't have to worry about a teacher taking a dislike to your child and effecting their performance or learning opportunities.
  • Never have to worry about being late for class!
  • No school runs!
  • The best interests of each individual child can be addressed rather than the best interests of a whole group.
  • The "school day" is not limited to 9-4....or whatever your local school times are.
  • The "school day" is not limited to weekdays only.
  • Can take a day off...or several without permission.
  • Can take a day off...or several without fear of being fined.
  • No need to make pack lunches every night.
  • When inspiration hits, can pack away the text book and submerge yourself in whatever study or adventure that has arrived...the books will still be there tomorrow....or next week. 

Home schooling is good spiritually

  • Freedom to raise your children to know the purpose of our creation is to worship Allah alone with no partners. 
  • Freedom to practice all aspects of Islam.
  • More time to nurture and cultivate the Islamic up-bringing of your children.
  • Freedom to spend more time with the Qur'an; reading it, memorising it, understanding it. 
  • Won't get caught up in non-Islamic celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween etc
  • Always have time off for E'id.
  • Don't have to school through Ramadan if you want to take advantage of the late nights of Tarawih.
  • Don't need to worry about agendas being pushed onto our children.
  • Don't need to worry about story books promoting LGBT themes.
  • Girls are free to wear complete Hijab when leaving the home.
  • Boys are free to grow a beard.
  • More affordable option to private Islamic School....and finding a good Islamic school locally is not always possible for most anyway.
  • You are there every step of the way to help guide and build their character, and find other suitable adults to help.

And for the grand finale.....the 100th reason to homeschool.....

No one wants your child to succeed in life more than you. Success is determined by the fruits in not only the Dunya, but Akhira as well.

You will sacrifice, help, comfort and do everything in your power with more passion than the best teachers ever will .....because that is your job, and your love for your children is greater than anyone else's, as is your investment. 

Home schooling doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself.

Absolutely you can bring in other adults, attend classes or arrange experiences to help form the education of your family.

But you are the skipper of the ship. 

100 reasons to homeschool for the Muslim parent


  1. I really needed this reminder today. Jazaakillahu khair

    1. Alhamdulillah! BarakAllahu feeki.
      ...I need this reminder every day! (Smile)

  2. Masha Allah! this is so motivating and insparational! Makes me love what i do Allhamdullilah!
    Jazaakmullahu khayir for sharing:)

  3. I never homeschool my child but lately what is happening I am thinking about it and thanks for the guidance and 100 reason why we should be doing this

  4. Allahumubareek its a blessing to have people like you my dear sis . I ask Allah to place your hardwork in your scale of good deeds and shower his neimah and rahmah upon you and your family , Allahumaameen.


  5. My wife has been doing her best to convince me to home school our children. To be honest, I’ve been very sceptical and dismissive. Having read your blog, it’s inspired me and given me the firm belief we can provide a better education for them than any institution... for that, I want to thank you.

  6. Jazakillah Khair for this. I am seriously thinking of homeschooling my son and was having second thoughts today! as its easier just to send him to school. May Allah bless you ukhti.


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