Montessori style grammar chart!

I wasn't sure whether to post this now or after completion  inshallah - but figured sharing now may give some one else out there an idea to start this or something similar if they are working on early stage grammar like us too!.....

This afternoon we recapped nouns, speaking about what they are and giving examples of both what is and what is not a noun.

To help K (and admittedly maybe myself!) remember what each grammar rule is, we began work on a Montessori style grammar chart. I've seen online a few of these charts ready-to-print, but thought it would be of greater benefit to allow K to make one herself inshallah!

We looked in the children's dictionary to find the definition for grammar, which K then copied out to make the poster tittle. She also cut out the Montessori noun symbol (the black triangle), and wrote out its rule.
A3 Sugar paper
Cut strips of lined paper to write on before using another colour to border.
Will probably add another sheet at the bottom to fit all the rules once we get that far inshallah!

The plan is to add each new rule and its symbol each time we learn one inshallah (hence why most the poster is still empty!)....note how I say each time we learn :)

Although I am using Jolly Grammar, I do find using the Montessori hands-on resources alongside, are an excellent asset alhamdulillah. It definitely helps to give a greater understanding of what for most people, can be quite boring (.....or is that just me?).


  1. Nice way to remember the rules I guess. Seems like Montessori method is working for you. Does Jolly Grammar cover well for her age? are the activities interesting? I really do not mind posting few pics from the book Insha Allaah. So far our Little Grammar books are doing very well masha Allaah for Maimoonah's age but since we are coming to the end of the school year I am looking out for other books to be used next year Insha Allaah!

  2. Alhamdulillah the Jolly Grammar is good - I like it anyway. However, I like the Montessori approach also, because of the fact it is so "hands-on" and helps the child more visualy/practicaly to understand alhamdulillah - which is why I use both Jolly Grammar alongside Montessori approaches.

    I think having something tangable like the montessori symbols definatly helps a child to make better sence of the rules...the only reason I use Jolly Grammar is because I don't have enough Montessori knoweldge to use the Montessori Grammar Lessons alone.
    But yes, I do like the Jolly Grammar - its very simple to use. It consists of photocopyable worksheets for each lesson, which comes with a "lesson plan" to impliment each new concept.

    I think the more a child can practice something in different ways, the better.

    Did you watch the Montessori grammar video I posted last week sis? It shows a nice tangable way to teach the kids grammar rules I thought alhamdulillah.

  3. aslamayalaycum sister, what an awesome page,i cant get enough of home educating my 4 year old and am finidng difficuly as to what to teach or what to teach after i finish the phonics with her. please could you direct me in the right direction,or explain what to teach next. also i dont have many hard copies of books in syria,so i use whatever i can using the internet. yours sincerely, um abdurahman


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