1 minute craft: Heart bookmarks....

Ok so these are not exactly worth a million dollars.....but are made with love mashAllah and only take literally a minute to make!
Whilst the kids were (banished) out in the garden this afternoon, I had a quick look online for crafty ideas to do with the kids and found some interesting foam bookmarks!

K has been needing a bookmark for ages and I keep meaning to make one for her, so thought whilst I had some inspiration it would be a good time to get the job done!

I think these are pretty self explanatory to make.....I used sticky glitter craft foam I've had in the cupboard for aaaaages I bought from some £ shop and some craft lolly sticks.

Cut out 2 identical hearts and peel of sticky paper off the back.

 Sandwich the lolly stick between the two hearts - resulting in a double sided bookmark.


  1. Ive noticed we're having a bit of lolly stick theme going on here. Perhaps its the lovely weather mashallah!

  2. loving the weather alhamdulillah....keeps the kids occupied for hours outside mashAllah! Deffo thinking the sister who said she does most her home schooling during the winter months so that in the summer doesn't have to do as much and can spend more time outdoors has a valid point mashAllah!
    .......next winter you know what I'll be doing inshallah! lol lol

    Yea the lolly sticks I've had for aaaages - bought them thinking they would come in use for something.....but they've just been sat in the cupboard doing nothing!

  3. Asalamualaikum sister,
    Long time since I've visited your blog. I also have lolly sticks that now I have an idea what to do with. So cute mashAllah.

  4. Wa'alaikum asalaam sis!
    I think lolly sticks are one of things that you know you can use for many things.....but figuring out what to do with them after you'be bought them is more difficult than you thought! lol

  5. Yes that sister comes to my mind too when all I want to do is take them to the park. When we're all less hayfevery and fluey Im just going to take their work to the park with me so they can do it in hte nice warm fresh air inshallah.

    1. sis....let me know when you are going and we'll meet you there inshallah! :)
      Would be nice to go one (warm) morning...kids can do their work, have lunch then go off any plaaaaaaaay while we sit on the grass and take a flask of tea....well...I like tea!

  6. What a good idea, they look lovely

    1. Khadeeja is impressed Nana wrote a message! She says "I love Nana" xx

  7. They look great - and so easy to make!


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