Montessori introduction to grammar!

I wrote this about a month ago but forgot I had it saved until a sister sent me an email asking about grammar alhamdulillah!......

Browsing through the Internet this afternoon, trying to get some inspiration for this weeks lessons inshallah, I came across this excellent video alhamdulillah.
It appears as though it is a recorded live teaching Montessori methods - I found this video very beneficial and watching it, makes teaching grammar seem so easy mashAllah!
What I liked about this particular video, is that it is obviously recorded many, many years ago....and you can see the simplicity of the Montessori materials in the Montessori Classroom compared to what we find today offered by many Montessori online stores. For example, the lecturer shows cards to show nouns, adjectives, etc....and they are all handmade....handwritten! Which goes to show, that really, it is not necessary to spend a fortune buying Montessori "style" materials....rather Montessori is a concept or a method in which you can implement using whatever resources actually work!

I made my own noun cards, handwriting the nouns onto white paper before sticking onto black sugar paper and laminating.
 In hindsight, I do think perhaps would have been better (and quicker) making them the same way as shown in the video - white crayon directly onto the black paper. Alhamdulillah

The instructor made a couple of interesting points in her introduction to the importance of grammar, one  being that in order to learn a second language, it is very difficult to do so if you do not  have a good understanding of how grammar works in your own language first!
For example, if you don't know using your mother tongue whether a verb would come before or after a noun then it is going to be even more difficult to understand this using another language, as often grammar rules from language to language differ. (we often think that other languages do things "backwards!").

Anyway, I found this live tutorial helpful to me alhamdulillah. You can watch it inshallah HERE!.


  1. Salam Alaikum
    The link to the video is broken. Would it be possible to repost it please and thank you!

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam WA rahmatullah

      I appologise, this post was written 3 and a half years ago.....I don't think I'd be able to find the original video that was linked if it has been removed or changed by the owner.


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