Endangered Animals project

A while ago K developed an interest in endangered animals and extinction. We started this a couple of months ago but haven't actually done alot to it!

Yesterday we completed another animal so thought would post what she's done so far.

I put together the book using cardboard and covered with black construction paper, putting together with string - thus making a nice A3-ish size board book.

On the opening page we have a global map which K marks each country that each animal she looks at comes from.

K chose to find out about Pandas first, which we learnt are from China and there are only approximately 1000 left in the world!

K made a small booklet with a factual story about a Panda which included alot of information about Pandas.

The next animal K chose was Polar Bears. I've had all the prep done for this for weeks and weeks and weeks....but as with alot of things round here its been left in the cupboard waiting!
We learnt that Polar Bears are under threat because of the melting Ice....and I didn't realise that Polar Bears are found in 5 countries, Greenland, Russia, Alaska, Northern Canada and Norway......and did you know that Polar Bears skin is actually black!!!! SubhanAllah!

And in the interest of equality (Z doesn't get alot of blog attention yet! awww) here is Z's polar bear (made with cotton wool)

I got the animal material from Homeschool share.

Here is the Panda
Here is the Polar Bear

I think the Panda collage I googled a template I can not remember the site. The same for the Polar Bear collage, I just googled polar bear template I think, I didn't record the site.


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum
    Very interesting project. We learn so much along with them masha Allaah! It is a blessing to be on this journey Alhamdulillaah! Does K read well now? Is she able to read and comprehend more than what she used to be? Barakallaah Feekum!

  2. Wa'alaikum asalaam sis,

    yes definately agree with you...we learn soooo much with our children! Its amazing how much we learn through our childrens interests...and even more amazing how much I've forgoton from school and having to re-learn in order to teach K!!!! lol.

    Yes Alhamdulillah k is reading very well now mashAllah! She has boosted her self confidence and has realised she can read books other than just the reading books i set her....now she reads any book she picks up mashAllah...which I find great because its allowed me now to provide her with good Islamic books she can now read and has hugely developed her interest alhamdulillah!

    She of cource still needs practice inshallah, but when reading a story she reads so with tone and expression.

    Its a huge boost to my confidence...to think this time last year she didn't even know her alphabet!

    I think kids really learn themselves.....we provide material for them.....and once they have figured how something works, it clicks in their mind and then they are off!

    1. Alhamdulillaah so nice to hear this. May Allaah give success to her throughout! True sis, its always "'allaamanee rabbee" My Lord taught me!!! I keep telling Maimoonah this so that she keeps this in her mind, that it is only her Lord who teaches her. Subhanallaah we got to take things easy sis, the eventually learn and we should not stress about it. Just keep facilitate the learning Insha Allaah! By the way we did MEP >, >, = today sis, I remembered you from the beginning to the end of the lesson lol! Alhamdulillaah it went ok without too much explaining lol, will update on the blog Insha Allaah! lets see how the rest goes : )

    2. Yes dear sis, JazakAllah khayr for this reminder that knowledge is from Allah.

      When the girls ask about things they see people have "made" such as houses and cars etc, we eplain that Allah created the materials we use to make such things, and he gave us the knowledge how to make them. Alhamdulillah.

      May Allah increase our knowledge and give our children a sincere love of learning.



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