Where is Allah?

Recently we have been doing alot of discussion about where Allah is, and alhamdulillah JazakAllah khayr to ukti Umm Maimoonah who posted this link to a beneficial website Islam the basics.

Islam the basics has some nice small treatises for kids explaining important understandings about Allah in a manner appropriate for younger children alhamdulillah.

I printed off the small treatises for younger kids, which I stapled together to make small booklets, and alhamdulillah K loves reading them.
As a future mini project I might ask K t o make a front cover for each of the booklets inshallah to keep them nice (and maintain her interest!).

Today we read the treatise discussing where Allah is. After which I told K that I wanted her to explain in her own words where Allah is so that I could then write onto the board. I could see in her face she didn't appeal to that idea, so I suggested that we pretend we are writing a letter to someone who doesn't know anything about Allah, so we have to teach them! Alhamdulillah she found her enthusiasm then!

So I first asked K to explain to me where Allah is, before I asked her to tell me what to write on the whiteboard. I wrote as she dictated (with a couple of prompts).
I then asked K to copy the whiteboard onto her paper.

There were 3 main purposes to this exercise -
  1. K to be able to confidently explain where Allah is and that He is separate to His creation.
  2. Copy work to improve K's writing - I drew guidelines up on the whiteboard for me to write on and instructed her to pay attention to how the letters sit on the line - particularly letters with tails which sit beneath the line etc.
  3. To demonstrate to K how she can transfer her more detailed thoughts onto paper.
This is her copy work - but the explanation and wording is her own mashAllah.

Where is Allah?
Allah is above His creation. He is above His Arsh. Allah made me and you. Is Allah everywhere? No! Allah can see us, but He is not everywhere, Allah is not inside His creation! He is not in His creation, because He made everything.


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum! Ukhtee
    Masha Allaah great! I was having the same idea too that I would do this with Maimoonah later on, as I see that she needs to develop a bit more motor skills. The treaties are nice to actually teach Islaam as well as Language isn't it? I am so happy too see you doing exactly that! The idea of writing a letter to someone who does not know where Allaah is excellent! Insha Allaah we will borrow your ideas for coming months!!! I will show Maimoonah this. She just loves Khadeejah now lol after reading her sweet stories on your blog!: )

  2. Wa'alaikum asalaam ukti,

    Yes definately using the treaties to help teach literacy is beneficial alhamdulillah! And when kids are learning something as they read I think it helps motivate them to keep on reading mashAllah!

    JazakAllah khayr for your kind words sis - its good for our kids to know there are others the same as them out there! :) I always tell Khadeeja when someone comments on her work and she feels happy mashAllah - its a good encouragment for them.


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