Bath time fun with craft foam!

I would love to claim innovative credit for this idea, but alas the spark of genius did not come from me! I found this bath time picture game on handmade beginnings, you can see the post here 

All you need is the cheap craft foam and a pair of scissors! Cut up shapes to use in the bath - when the foam is wet it sticks to the tiles.
I made these using left over foam I had from a previous activity, so hope to buy some more at the weekend so I can make some more creative shapes inshallah!

I did draw onto the foam using permanent marker to write some words I thought K could use to make up sentences, however as soon as the foam was up on the tiles and the water started running off the foam....the pen ink came along with it- leaving not so lovely grey lines running down into the bath....quickly got the bleach out!
Maybe it was just the type of pen I used.....there must be water resistant pens around surely????

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