Good Deed Tree

Last year we made a small A3 size "Good Deed Tree", but after seeing friends efforts with their own trees MashAllah I thought this year we'd go up to A2. (one friend made one using 2x A2 sheets taped that's A1 right? and another friend made a huge tree running up her wall MashAllah!).

Each time they perform a "good deed" they get a leaf to stick on the tree...sometimes I write what they have done on the leaf (if it is something extra-special) or for the other general and common good actions I will just leave it blank. They stick the leaves up themselves, which they really enjoy doing MashAllah.

I really have found the tree to be of great value to the kids....and myself to be honest! We are quick to point out, correct and discipline them when they misbehave, but are a bit less "alert" when it comes to the small good things which they do, the little deeds which tend to go picking something up without having to be asked ten times, or remembering to say a dua'a in a situation without a reminder and even playing nicely together without any squabbling!

The girls are noticing that I am praising them more in recognition for the "good" behaviour and actions they are exerting, rather than just gaining recognition for the misbehaviour's! And I have to admit, its encouraging them to avoid behaving in a non-pleasing manner and act with more goodness and kindness ta barak Allah, alhamdulillah!

I think this is a lesson to me....although we won't continue with the tree after Ramadan, I should make more effort to show appreciation and give them due credit for the good which they do inshallah.

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  1. MasyaAllah... barakallahu fii kum
    I want to do that too to my family
    Can u share points good deeds to your children to be have good habbits... i will be so thankfull if u want share it


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