The end of our Surah Ikhlas study - free printable included!

learning the meaning of Surah Ikhlas free printable for kids

Helping our children learn and understand the Qur'an so they can act upon it inshaAllah, is important to every Muslim parent. We've been learning about Surah Ikhlas and to conclude our study, I created a small quiz printable as our finale, and you can download it too.

I don't typically test the children, however they are getting older and believe it or not, are asking for tests and grades.

Although I designed our Surah-Ikhlas printable worksheet to be used as a blind test, I aloud the girls to use their books to help them when they got stuck (you can see more of how we're studying the Qur'an as part of our Morning Basket time here).

Free printables for kids learning the meaning of Surah Ikhlas

The worksheet has ben designed with 4 different ability options, allowing for children of different ages / abilities to use.
  1. Write the translated meaning of each ayah
  2. Write the translated meaning of each ayah and word for word.
  3. Write the translated meaning of each ayah and word for word, and give a brief tafseer.
  4. Write the original Arabic ayah with the translated meaning, and give a brief tafseer.

Free printable worksheets Surah Ikhlas

Whether you want to use the worksheet as a blind test at the end of your study, or as part of your learning, is entirely up to you - either will be suited to the design of the printable. 

free printable Qur'an worksheets for kids

So if you're looking for something to help consolidate your own Surah Ikhlas study, grab a copy to work with your children or classroom inshaAllah... just click on the high-lighted text below:

Printable worksheet / quiz to help children learning the meaning of Surah Ikhlas.

printable worksheets to help learn Surah Ikhlas for kids


  1. Mashallah, Jazakumullahi Khair
    I was looking for tasfeer study workbook for my boys.

  2. wa iyyak.

    Tafseer as-Sa'di is recommended by the Ulema because of its simple yet concise explanation and has been translated in full into English.

    if you were looking for a workbook to use alongside a tafeer you are reading to record notes and benefits you may like this printable Juz Amma workbook (free)


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