Dear homeschool Mama, we're all just like you

Dear Muslim Home schooling Mom, this Mama is just like you
The purpose of this blog, like my Instagram and Facebook pages, is to help my sisters with ideas, support and advice.

Not because I have all the answers...
Because I don't.

I'm like you.
With the same struggles.
The same problems.
The same worries.
The same doubts.
The same questions.
The same dirty dishes, piled up laundry and burnt food.

While Allah may test me with something different to what He tests you with.
Those tests are still there.
Some are open for all to see.
And some only Allah knows.

It is experiencing my own struggles, that I can use them to try to help you, through the small efforts you find on this blog, bi'ithnillah.
Whether that is an advice, a printable resource, or an idea.

I try in the tiniest way, to make your life a little easier if I can.
Because in these same matters, I need help also.
And helping you, helps me too alhamdulillah.
My offerings of support, through any means I share, is put fourth with the purpose of helping inshaAllah.

And if any good is found, then alhamdulillah.

Just remember, I am like you.

And whilst what I share with you avoids those matters which are personal,
because the life of a Muslim woman is a private affair,
I never want to give the impression I have it all together.
I'm learning too, and share that which I pray will benefit my sisters.

It is from the depth of my own struggles and challenges,
that I am able to understand yours.

Don't ever think I have all the answers, or the page you see is a brochure for a good life.

Take what I share of good if it benefits.
And leave the rest that does not.

The online world of bloggers and social media is fickle.
Never look at it and think what you see as complete.
Its a series of carefully positioned snapshots, caught in-between chaos, turmoil and tears.
Never look at this online world, and see what you don't have.

Always know, you are meant to be you.
And everyone else is meant to be them.

I never, never want to give the impression I have it altogether,
because Allah knows I certainly don't.

with that being said,
my hope is that by using the technology we have at our fingertips wisely and with caution, we are able to support one another positively inshaAllah.

I'm sure most, if not all of us home-schooling Mama's, were not home-schooled ourselves as kids.
Yet here we all are now, in it together,
learning this homeschool game and praying we find success.

Some of us have lessons already learnt we can pass on.
And some of us are still learning and benefit from that insight we're yet to experience.

The point to this whole post,
never take what you see from my blog as strength.
My weaknesses although hidden, are here and real.

My positivity in my homeschool writings, and resources I create,
are to help me as much as they are to aid you.

Be happy with what you have, and with who you are.
Do the best you can for your children, in your situation, with the means you have.
You can't do anything more.

None of us can.
Dear Home-schooling Mom, be content with being you

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  1. Jazakillahu khayran. Well said.

    Who wants a blog to rant on about the hardships of parenthood and homeschooling?

    1) that's private
    2) it us not appropriate a Muslim should have. It contradicts gratefulness
    3) when we need help, we must share our troubles with those we know can help us, not just off load on social media.


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