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muslim dolls faceless

I don't know about you, but I struggle to find appropriate toys for my children. I purchased the material and stuffing to make my own rag dolls to give my girls as an E'id gift..... 3 years on, that material and stuffing still lays sat in the cupboard collecting dust, waiting for me to find the time (and energy!) to put a couple of dolls together!

muslim dolls facelessWhen Umm Haamza Abdurrahman from wanatsa-wani contacted me about her dolls, I fell in love! She makes beautiful waldorf inspired faceless dolls...perfect for our little ones to keep them busy with hours of imaginative play!
Umm Haamza Abdurrahman moved from France to Egypt where she resides with her husband and children Alhamdulillah.
She told me that before moving to Cario, she had imagined it would be easy to find appropriate toys for her children, however the reality was quite different.

As her family grew over time, Umm Haamza Abdurrahman needed to work, and so began making these beautifully hand crafted faceless dolls, which proved to be a success in Egypt Alhamdulillah!
Following this success, a sister suggested that she should export these ragdolls worldwide, and so launched Wanasta-Wani!

With cute round faces and timeless outfits these really are beautiful little dolls which little ones will treasure and adore....with E'id around the corner these would make a lovely gift!

faceless muslim dolls girls and boys

My eldest has seen these dolls and keeps on hinting how she would love one for E'id.... and I can see both my daughters playing for hours with them!
They see the other dolls that are commonly available and although they understand why they can not have them, its difficult to find other alternatives which they would enjoy just as much, so these are a great find!
The nice thing about these are, they are made by an ordinary Muslim Mother, just like many of us; doing something to help support her family.
So please do think about the amount of time it takes to make one of these.... its not a giant production line in a factory in China.
You can find out more by checking out Umm Haamza Abdurrahman's blog where you can easily follow the link through to her Etsy shop!
You can also connect with her through her facebook page.

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