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I'm going through a period of home-school chaos....so to attempt to align back some sense of structure and routine (...without being too rigid)  I've put together a quick weekly planner to jot down some basic scheduling and weekly objectives.

I've tried so many times to go "free" and take each home schooling day as it comes.....but I think I am figuring out that for me and my kids, we do need a little structure and basic routine to our week.

I can't do the super-mom boot-camp style organisation.....we all end up in tears, but nor can I keep up with the chilled out free-style mom either because we are just not getting much done!

We need something in-between.....or at least I feel we do right now anyway. So, this is my next attempt to straighten out our schooling endeavours inshaAllah!

The idea is to have a basic "road-map" of what the week ahead will look like; what objectives or goals we'd like to meet in different subject areas inshaAllah.
Its not meant to be a rigid plan of action that is set in stone, but rather something to help put a little basic organisation into the schooling week inshaAllah.

If our goals are not met, its no big deal, we can carry them onto next week inshaAllah. We just need  something to help give us direction, instead of slowly plodding along stuck in a home-school rut, not knowing where to go next!

 ....oh the joys of home education! lol



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  1. Ma sha Allah I have been reading around on your blog and I just want to say keep up the GREAT job!! May Allah reward you and accept it from you and grant you peace. Islaam, and happiness always Aameen!!


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