Cute Weekly Menu Planner

Check out this cute weekly menu planner taken out from the HomeSchool Organiser 2014.

Meal planning isn't only for the routine obsessed! Putting together a basic menu plan actually has a number of benefits; the two most important being both time and money saving!

Okay so you will need to sit for a minute or two to jot down your weeks dinners...but those couple of minutes can save you heaps of time you'll claim back, as you no longer need to stand in front of your cupboards in a frizzle, deciding what you can throw together!
 Also, saving you time grocery shopping as you don't need to go up and down the aisles (or clicking back and forth between online departments!) trying to mentally menu plan as you shop!

Not to mention the financial gains as knowing what you will eat ahead means you only put in your basket what is needed....rather than any thing that grabs yours (or the kids!) attention as you get side tracked by those special offers....which really are not so special!

If you fancy giving it a try, you can download a free copy Here!

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