Kids Eid gifts on a budget

Finding a "budget" gift does not have to be valueless, rather the simple things are often the most precious. I'm pretty sure everyone will agree, gifts always mean more when they have been given with a lot of thought and love!

Now we are well into the last 10 days of Ramadan, and E'id is vast approaching, its nice to give small gifts to family and friends, however if your children have like 10 friends each.....don't panic! Gift shopping doesn't need to cut holes in your pockets!

Use your imagination, and make something personal, like these personalised pens! Take a budget packet of £1 pens (these are from Asda) and transform them into something pretty that your kids and their friends will love!

This is such a simple idea, but has such a great impact!
Get round the kitchen table with the kiddos and let them get involved making gifts for their pals!

I've used craft punches here for the scalloped edge, but they are not necessary, it would be just as effective to cut out a basic circle instead and still pull off the same look.

All you need to get started is...

A packet of budget pens, felt tip or pencils!
I do advise though, be wary of pound store packs if buying felt tips as they don't tend to last. These were just a £1 from Asda.
Craft punches if you have them....(and if not just use scissors to cut out a shape), double sided tape, thick card and sticky back foam. These come I think as a pack of 10 A4 sheets from certain pound stores.
Punch out the card to make the backing frame for your name.
Like I said, if you don't have a punch, just cut out a, square, heart, whatever you like!
Measure the front label on the packet and cut the same size using the sticky foam.
Lay the foam on top of the label to cover, before adding the frame centrally with the double sided tape.
Print off names on the computer and lay in the centre of your frame!
That's it! Easy peezy lemon squeezey!

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