Blog re-launch: A Muslim Home-School

Recently I have experienced some technical difficulties with the domain name. Earlier in the week I reverted the blog back to the original blogger address.

However I am now pleased to announce a new official re-launch of the blog!
Diary of a Muslim Home School will now be known as A Muslim Home school, reflecting the current direction of the blog!

What started out as a personal account of the experiences of a home educator,  over the 2 years the blog has been running, it has slowly altered its course and steered towards sharing educational resources and articles relating to the Muslim child and education.
Much of the original personalised content has since been removed.

I thank you for your support and kindly request you update your favourites bookmark settings and any web links.
I welcome feedback and suggestions regarding downloads and future projects!

I ask Allah to make this endeavour a source of benefit to all, and for it to be a means of good on my scales of account.
May Allah guide us and guide our children upon the siratul mustaqeem!

Umm Khadeeja

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