Whats your Home Schooling Mission Statement?

mis·sion state·ment

A summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

Mission statement... sounds like something a high profile business executive would write to keep his desire for global consumer domination, on focus, not something you would find in a home school classroom...right!?

What exactly is a mission statement anyway? Its quite simple actually, it basically sets out the goals of an organisation, its intent.
As "Head Principle" of your own homeschool, every one of us whether consciously or subconsciously have desired goals for our children and their education.
By putting these goals and desires in black and white, we can bring to the forefront of our mind, important points which can help us to keep focused and inspired, especially on those days when we need that inspiration!

Think about your aspirations and goals for your family. What do you want for them Islamicly, academically, emotionally, socially...whatever important factors you have in mind, list them.
Think about both the short term goals as well as the long term.
How can you help your family, after Allah's Help and Guidance, to achieve those objectives?

Your mission statement doesn't need to be a PHD theses, it doesn't even need to be an A4 page long!
 All it needs, is to document what is important to your homeschooling family.

What do you do with your mission statement once its written? Well, keep it somewhere you can find it! Put it in your diary, stick it on the fridge, file it, decorate it and hang it up in your classroom...put it anywhere you know you will find it when you need it!

Having something written in slate, can help to keep you on track, but most importantly, serve as a good reminder to help you through those dark times when home ed doesn't seem to be going so well, those days when you are asking yourself "what do I think I am doing?" or questioning if the kids would be better in school?!

Everyone gets those niggles, and those who say they don't....they are one in a few alhamdulillah. Use your mission statement to inspire and remind you just why you decided to home educate in the first place.

...Most of us need that reminder some time or other...and often the best reminder is your own!

Need help writing a mission statement? Read the second part to this article HERE!

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