Written numbers in word form....Montessori style!

This is quite a nice lesson to help give an understanding of numbers in words, as well as understanding decimal place.

Some time ago I printed from Montessori Print Shop place value cards for the Golden Beads. These are cards which come in sets of 3, depicting a value in its number form, written word form and an image showing the beads representing that amount.

For anyone who doesn't use the Montessori beads, these could easily be substituted for something similar such as base ten blocks, and you can find websites to print the large number cards I'm sure for free.

Anyway, here is what we did.....

1.) I gave K the value card in words.

2.) K then brought the corresponding bead material.

3.) I gave K the picture card to check she was correct.

4.) I then asked K to bring the correct value number cards...........

...........which she had to put together to show the correct number

5.) Finally, I gave K the number card so she could check she was correct.

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  1. assalamualikum,

    i'd like to know how you proceeded after this step. we have been stuck at this for a few weeks , but my son hates the beads..lol......i cant afford the alternate yellow blocks, i'd like to know how to make this interesteing ..as the next step would be addition..which i believe would be a nightmare for me....


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